Best Alexa Door Lock List of 2022: Rankings, Comparison & Reviews

Smart Home Team
  Dec 1, 2022 2:03 PM

In the Best Alexa Door Lock industry, there are many choices, and picking up your approach might be tricky! Here's where we come in. We've put up additional helpful information on the 11 Best Alexa Door Lock that will interest anyone's attention. A list of December brands is also supplied, such as hornbill, SMONET, Yale, Yale Security, GEONFINO, COOLOUS!

WiFi Smart Locks Deadbolt with Keypad, Hornbill Keyless Entry Digital Front Door Lock with Gateway Hub, Bluetooth Electronic Touchscreen Auto Code Lock Work with Alexa,Free App Control for Home Office

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Safety and security in family life are of utmost importance. Installing a camera is just a solution to give you peace of mind, but theft can still happen. They even blatantly enter your home. So how can you best protect your home? The optimal solution for you is to replace traditional mechanical locks with smart door locks. Locks are one of the most important security devices in protecting property and wealth from threats from thieves.

There are many types of smart door locks on the market with many different models and functions. So how do buy the best product? As a customer, you will think, ponder and have a hard time choosing which product is best for your home. If you are still wondering then follow the article below, I will bring you a review of the best Alexa door lock that has ever existed on the market and is used by many people.

Buying Guides

You are looking to protect the security of your beloved home and small family but have not yet found the door lock with the most suitable models and functions for the house. Searching on social networking sites or google will waste a lot of your time because there are thousands of results and make you confused. Take a look below and you'll probably find everything you're really looking for from Alexa door lock's criteria.

Voice Assistance And Control

For smart devices, voice control is a quick and convenient way, and the Alexa door lock does just that. Compatible with more than 10,000 smart home devices, such as Power sockets, fans, air conditioners, TVs, door locks, etc., the Alexa virtual assistant is regularly updated, currently supports tens of thousands of voice control commands.

This allows you to activate the activities with the help of voice commands. Whether you are driving to work or coming home tired after a long day at the office, Alexa voice recognition integrated with a smart door lock will help you lock or open the door according to your request. You could check our SMONET for a good choice.

Voice Recognition - Suitable For The Elderly.

The older you get, the more difficulties you may have with vision and action. Smart home door locks will often have very high security and are difficult to unlock for the elderly. The solution to controlling home appliances such as lighting, air conditioning, is to open the door via phone with real voice by Alexa device as an effective assistant for parents. Alexa Smart Lock Front Door, Gimkok 6-in-1 Fingerprint Door Lock could handle this feature.

Auto-Lock Function

The Alexa door lock uses the auto-lock function to make sure your front door stays locked when you leave the house. The automatic lock works by determining if your door has been locked for a duration of up to 30 minutes. The smart lock will lock the door for you if it is not locked.

This feature is very useful for those who frequently forget to lock their home, need to use the key all of the time, or have visitors who must be handled remotely. From now on, forgetting to lock the door or the key will not be a big worry if you own an Alexa door lock. The benefit of this lock is that you never need your keys or take your phone out of your pocket to smash the lock to open the door unnecessarily. Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock could be your best choice. 


1. Does Alexa door lock have Voice Assist function?

We can fully trigger the Alexa door lock by voice. For example, connecting your Alexa device to your smart door lock, then you say, "Alexa, open the door" or "Alexa, close the door". Then, the Alexa door lock will activate at your command.

2. Is the Alexa door lock easy to Install?

This is a smart device that is easy to install and use. With just a few simple steps and not too much time, your door has been equipped with a smart and safe lock.

3. Can Someone use the Alexa device to enter my House?

Are you concerned that someone may use the Alexa to get entry to your home? Take it easy. We at Schlage recognize that the digital era introduces new security issues, which is why we only enable Alexa to lock your door and check the condition of your lock at this moment. The Schlage Sense app may only be used by an authorized user to open the door for guests.

4. How does Alexa door lock work?

One of the numerous smart home gadgets that you can manage with your voice is Alexa door locks. You can link your smart door lock to the Alexa app for voice control once you've set up your lock and connected it to your wifi network.

5. What if someone enters the wrong lock password too many times?

To deter intruders from entering your home or company, the Alexa door lock will automatically activate and send an alert to your smartphone at any time if someone enters the pin code 15 times unsuccessfully and the voice recognition doesn't match.

Final Thought

In general, the Alexa door lock is a smart gadget. In addition to being compact and convenient with a beautiful design, it also saves time and is safe for users. With just a few simple taps on your Alexa smart device connected to your smart door lock or through your voice, it will give you peace of mind at home and even while away. In the era of modernization, optimizing daily tasks with smart devices like the Alexa door lock is really necessary. I hope this will be the right and wise choice for you. Thank you very much for your interest!