Best Guides & Review 13 Best Cctv Cameras Under $500 of 2022 by Experts

Alice Livermore
  Dec 1, 2022 1:54 PM

To help you choose the Best Cctv Cameras Under $500 product that is right for you and make the most of it, we recommend using the helpful tips and advice provided by our experts. We also recommend brands that customers love: Zeus CCTV, ANNKE, WESECUU, Night Owl, ZOSI, Night Owl Sp, Llc, GIXAA, PRMAL

ANNKE 16Channel 1080N HD Video Security System CCTV DVR 2TB Hard Drive and 12 Indoor Outdoor 2MP Weatherproof Surveillance Camera System

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Nowadays, a camera is a person's unavoidable "silent protector." You must select different sorts of cameras based on your needs and the location in which you will use them.

Many different types of security cameras are available on the market right now. This makes selecting items challenging. You won't be able to identify high-quality items.

This post will provide you with all the information you need to select the best cctv cameras for under $500.

Buying Guides

The price of each type of camera is often based on how well it performs. To pick a product that has the qualities you desire and a price that fits your budget, you must first assess your demands.

For the aim of keeping an eye on activities in the child's room or in front of the house, inexpensive cameras will work well. While more expensive cameras will provide crisper, more detailed photos that are appropriate for consumers' desire for more attentive inspection. Here are a few requirements for choosing the best cctv cameras under $500.


This is a significant factor that affects how well the camera catches images. There are several wireless CCTV camera types available on the market with a variety of resolution options. You may pick the resolution that best suits your needs by using a camera with a resolution of 1Mp to capture photographs in 720P HD and a resolution of 2Mp to capture images in 1080P full HD. To help you choose wisely, you should provide the installer with your observations and request a preview of the image.

Currently,  ANNKE 5MP Security Camera System is the product you need to be aware of when it comes to resolution.

Camera lens

You should consider the lens of your wireless CCTV camera because it will impact the camera's viewing angle. The camera's field of vision is lowered with smaller lenses, while its angle of view is increased with bigger lenses, which are better for long-range observation. You may pick the appropriate one depending on your requirements and viewing location, in this case, you can consider the ZOSI 1080p 16 Channel Security Camera System.


The modern wireless security cameras are frequently outfitted with really clever features like anti-backlighting when light is coming from the other way, compensation for low light, or an automated light balancing mode for better photos based on where you plan to place your CCTV system and make an informed decision. A survey of several consumers revealed that Wireless CCTV Security Camera System is the product with the finest features.

CCTV camera brand

Today's market offers a wide variety of camera types that are readily purchased offline or online. However, floating camera wires are frequently unreliable and susceptible to damage while in operation. Because of this, you should purchase CCTV cameras from well-known camera companies to provide the optimal operation and warranty in the event of a malfunction.


  1. What megapixel count is ideal for a CCTV camera?

Select IP Cameras with 2 Megapixels or More for Face and License Plate Recognition. According to our R&D team's extensive testing, you should purchase security cameras with at least a 2-megapixel resolution if you want to be able to catch license plates and recognize faces.

  1. Does CCTV work in dark?

So certainly, a camera will function in the dark and offer a rather clear sight and photos if it has infrared lighting.

  1. Can a CCTV work without electricity?

Some individuals are interested to know whether the cameras will function even if there is no electricity, even though the majority of current CCTVs allow for remote viewing even when the network is shut down. Although CCTV cameras need energy to operate properly, they may still function even when the power is out.

  1. Can CCTV be connected to phone?

Some devices will be compatible with either the iOS or Android operating systems, while others will support both. Researching the camera and the program it utilizes is advised since some high-end technology cameras might be harmed by their applications. You have a decent fit if your smartphone camera functions without a hitch.

  1. Will a laser pointer damage a security camera?

A typical laser pointer is unlikely to harm a security camera. Lasers are light beams that generate heat. A camera sensor can experience physical harm if a laser comes into prolonged contact with it.

Final Thought

The crucial considerations for selecting a surveillance camera are listed above and must be understood if you plan to utilize one. I hope the information above helps you decide which are the best cctv cameras under $5000. I also recommend the following standout current models to you: