19 Best Generators Under $400 for 2022: Reviews & Buying Guides

Smart Home Team
  Dec 1, 2022 12:32 PM

Our experts have tested  Best Generators Under $400 from a variety of brands, for example, Jackery, WEN, Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment, ALLWEI, DuroMax, LIPOWER, BLUETTI, GENMAX, DBPOWER, GRECELL, Anker, OUKITEL, SHELL, ETQ ... These are the Best Generators Under $400 for 2022 that you may find appealing to a buying decision

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In case of long-term power failure in severe weather conditions such as high winds or lightning, damaging the power network. Generators provide a stable power source for peak seasons when overloading causes electricity to flicker.

You are working or operating a business from home, and need to ensure the continuous operation of electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, Wifi,... Help store food for longer as the generator can keep the refrigerator running for days in an emergency.

Even if you are on a budget, you can still find a good portable generator, they all work extremely well and are efficient. The best generators under $400 presented below will be perfect for those who only need generator power occasionally.

Buying Guides

Don't let rain, snow, or wind keep you in the dark. Take a look at these options to ensure you get the best generator under $400 for your needs.

The generator capacity needs to be suitable

The first thing to do when buying a generator is to estimate the number of devices that will be used when the power goes out, to calculate the total power consumption. From there, select equipment with appropriate capacity, avoiding overload, short-circuiting, and burning of items connected to the generator. And products with a capacity higher than the actual capacity of 10% - 25% are a perfect choice. You may want to check out Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240.

Do not choose a generator for the family with a too high capacity, because it will lead to high costs, fuel consumption, and easy reduction of life. Choose gasoline-powered 4-stroke generators that do not make noise when operating or emit smoke. Generators with 2-stroke engines have a big noise and more smoke when starting the engine.

Generator origin & operating time

When buying a residential generator, you need to learn carefully and choose genuine generator products with a clear origin. In particular, you must choose reputable generator suppliers with a full warranty to ensure your rights. We believe this WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator won't disappoint you.

It would be best if you chose to buy a residential generator with a long and regular continuous operation time because the normal power outage will last half a day or even longer.

Noise treatment and generator cooling

Usually, when operating a household generator, it will make a loud noise, affecting everyone in the family and around the area. Therefore, you should choose generators equipped with good noise cancellation systems to overcome the noise situation.

Most generators are air-cooled, so if you want to use them during the summer, make sure the generator doesn't overheat. However, this depends on what type of engine the generator uses.

Consider the location of the machine

Where will you leave the machine running? Home yard? Terrace? Construction site? Factory?… Each location requires different machine characteristics.

Machines placed indoors need soundproofing to avoid noise affecting neighbors. Machines located in construction sites or factories need dustproof enclosures and durable construction to avoid shocks. Large machines often have to be placed in a separate room with full ventilation…. Make sure the machine is installed correctly according to the enclosed instructions. Champion Power Equipment can be easy to install in any place you want.


1. How much is a reasonable price for a home generator?

In addition to the high-value industrial generators, the current home generators also have a relative selling price ranging from $200-$500 a unit.

But for basic household use, you just need to choose products priced under $400.

2. How long can you operate a home generator?

How long a home generator can run depends on the size of the tank and its fuel consumption. A typical generator has a tank size of six to eighteen gallons, allowing it to run for six to eighteen hours before it needs to be refueled.

Fuel consumption rates will vary depending on the generator load, but as a general rule a generator will consume one gallon of fuel for every hour of full-load operation. Therefore, if you are operating a home generator at full load, you can expect it to last six to eighteen hours before it needs to be refueled.

3. What are some safety concerns with portable generators?

In addition to carbon monoxide poisoning from running out of fuel, portable generators cause a number of safety concerns. In addition, electric shock is possible if the generator is not used properly, as well as fire and burns. 

To avoid these potential dangers, it is essential to follow all safety instructions with the generator and operate it with extreme care.

4. How far from house does the generator need to be?

The recommended distance from the house to the generator is 20 feet. However, a small portable generator may only need to be 10-15 feet away from the house, while a larger, more powerful generator may need to be 30-50 feet away.

It is important that the generator is far enough away from the house so that the exhaust fumes do not enter the house and the noise level is tolerable.

5. What is the warranty of a home generator?

Generator products, especially industrial generators, are often very expensive, accompanied by a good warranty period of up to 5, 10 years. Particularly for home generators, there is an average warranty of about 2-3 years.

Final Thought

Choosing a generator for the house is not as easy as you think, especially choosing the best generator under $400. Therefore, according to the different needs of each customer, we provide information on generators suitable for house use as in this article. We hope you can choose the best generator under $400 that suits your needs. Down here we suggest some of the best ones: