Best Outdoor Fire Tables: Top Picks For Every User

Meliora Lil
  Dec 4, 2022 7:59 AM

We have compiled a list of 16 Best Outdoor Fire Tables that you might be interested in using 14,678 customer reviews from many popular websites and social networks. Below is a list of major brands in EAST OAK, LEGACY HEATING, BALI OUTDOORS, Grand patio, COSIEST, EROMMY, Aoxun, ESSENTIAL LOUNGER, Kinger Home, Century Modern Outdoor, Best Choice Products, Unknown, Ciays, Ravenna Home

LEGACY HEATING Propane Fire Pit Table 28

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If you're considering starting a beekeeping business, there are a few things you'll need in addition to your standard firewood, water and hive supplies. One of the most important items is an outdoor fire table – a sturdy table that can support your smoker or grill while cooking food, making a shelter from the rain or wind, and acting as a place to rest your gear.

Top Picks

1. Best seller: BALI OUTDOORS Gas Fire Pit Table, 28 inch 50,000 BTU Square Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table with Lid and Blue Fire Glass

The Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table is the perfect spot for smokers to enjoy a relaxing BBQ experience. It features an adjustable height and Tilting Telescopic Stand, making it perfect for easy access to your favorite embers. With its blue fire glass table top and lid, this tabletop will brightly light up any event or gathering.

2. Best love: Best Choice Products 28in Gas Fire Pit Table, 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker Patio Propane Firepit w/Faux Wood Tabletop, Clear Glass Rocks, Cover, Hideaway Tank Holder, Lid - Brown

Our 28in gas fire pit table is the perfect solution for your outdoor patio. It's made of heavy-duty wicker with a faux wood tabletop and clear glass rocks. The table is topped with a hideaway tank, so you can keep your flames burning all summer long. Plus, its 50,000 BTU output will heat up quickly and create an intense Ray-Ban atmosphere on your patio!

3. Best score: LEGACY HEATING Propane Fire Pit Table 28" Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table, 50000 BTU 28 inch Square Fire Table with Lid & Lava Rock, Brown Texture, for Outside Patio Yard Party Garden and Lawn

With a Legacy Heating Propane Fire Pit Table, you'll have a fire pit table that is both unique and beautiful. This 28-inch outdoor gas fire pit table has an etched design that will add an impressive touch to your patio or yard. Made with natural brick-texture, this tabletop also comes with a lid and lava rock for added comfort and heat. Plus, the 5,000 BTU rating will provide plenty of warmth for your guests.

4. Best sale: U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, 50,000 BTU Auto-Ignition Gas Firepit with Glass Wind Guard, Black Tempered Glass Tabletop & Blue Glass Rock, Black PE Rattan, CSA Certification

The U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is the perfect way to enjoy a backyard BBQ or family gathering outdoors. With an auto-ignition gas fire pit, this tabletop grill has a 50,000 BTU heat engine that ignites with just one touch, making it easy to get started. The blue tempered glass tabletop and black glass wind guard protect your guests while they cook and grilla, while the weather is hot.

5. Best overall: BALI OUTDOORS Propane Fire Pit 60,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table with Ceramic Tile Tabletop, Rectangle Gas Firepit Table for Garden/Patio

The BALI OUTDOORS Propane Fire Pit 60,000 BTU Gas Fire Pit Table with Ceramic Tile Tabletop is perfect for gardenPatios. This gas fireplace table top is made from durable ceramic, and has a round or rectangle design that will fit any space. The table comes with a Bracket for easy installation, and can be used for up to 60,000 BTUs of heat.


1. What are the benefits of using an outdoor fire table?

There are a number of benefits to using an outdoor fire table as a means of cooking food. This includes the ability to cook food in direct sunlight, as well as the ability to generate heat from the fire. Additionally, using an outdoor fire table can help reducefuel consumption, and can also provide warmth and safety for those cooking outside.

2. How do I choose the right outdoor fire table for my needs?

Here are a few tips to help choose the right outdoor fire table:

  • Size: When choosing the right size table, it is important to consider how much space you'll have to use and whether you'll want to put a lot of heat or light on it. 
  • Location: You'll also want to Consider where you plan on using the table. If you're going to place it in an open space like a patio or yard, make sure that the surface is easy to clean and can withstand high traffic.

3. What are some of the different types of outdoor fire tables available?

Different types of outdoor fire tables are available, depending on the type of fire you want to create. There are tabletop, barbecue, and grill-style fire tables. Tabletop fire tables can be set up in a hurry with just a few pieces of wood and some nails, while barbecue and grill-style fire tables require more time to assemble but offer a more complex design. All three varieties have their own advantages and disadvantages.


In conclusion,the best outdoor fire tables are those that provide a comfortable and stable surface for cooking and Sitting. They should also have multiple burners to ensure an even heat distribution, and be easy to clean.