The Best Smart Security Camera Outdoor of December 2022: Reviews & Rankings

Marie P Richardson
  Dec 1, 2022 12:54 PM

With 26,513 customers' reviews on many famous websites and popular social networks, we have come up with a list of 14 Best Smart Security Camera Outdoor in December that you may be keen on. Here is a list of the main brands as Blink Home Security, DEKCO, Fortress Security Store, REOLINK, Amcrest, Yihoume, SYMYNELEC, Zmodo, YI, Geeni, ANRAN, DCT, Codnida...

Wireless Security Outdoor Camera, Rechargeable Battery Powered 1080P WiFi Smart Weatherproof Camera with Color Night Vision Spotlight, Siren Alarm, AI Motion Detection, 2 Way Audio, Cloud/SD Storage

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If you have always been fretting over your house safety, especially at a time when criminals are increasing sharply, then this review is built for you. One of the top choices for house protection is a home security camera but that might be a bit traditional, therefore, today I am going to be guiding you through the best smart security camera outdoor. These outdoor smart security cameras could keep your property, children, and loved ones not only at a higher level but also relieve a significant amount of inconvenience. 

Buying Guides

Choosing the right one among a myriad of options is not an easy task so here I am to lend you a helping hand. I will narrow down some important features that you should be looking at to take home the best ones. Without further ado, let’s get into business.


The higher the resolution video quality, the sharper image will be delivered, in turn, the more details you will get from the footage. Today’s cameras offer a wide range of resolutions, the most common one being full high-definition (HD) video (1080p or 2 megapixels). Most people would prefer full HD but if you want to, for example, take a closer look at a person’s face or detect an object, then super HD (1440p/4 megapixels or 2K) or UltraHD (8 megapixels or 4K) would be the best choice.

I got here the Hikvision Sensor IP CameraThe 2K Wired Security Outdoor Camera, and This Security Camera Wireless Outdoor 


Footage of most cameras is stored in the cloud (remote server connected to your camera via the internet) so when wi-fi is off, make sure that your camera has local storage to contain all the footage. A selected model should be able to support free local storage which means you could still have access to your locally secured smart camera footage from the included Arlo Smart hub. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about getting off-track with your house in case of a blackout.

I would like to recommend the Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera and The Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System 


You obviously would not want your footage or image to be leaked or recorded without your acceptance. For example, some devices support Data Protection Regulation, ensuring privacy protection. TLS encryption technology is also installed to level up private safety.

I have here the Security Camera Outdoor with Floodlight and Sound Alarm.


This is an important aspect to consider as you, for sure, would not want to be puzzling over all the long complex steps

I highly recommend the WYZE Cam Outdoor. This outdoor camera is wireless so it is a lot easier for you to set up. It also comes with a straightforward step-by-step guide. You will find it just a breeze to get everything done.

Another option you could take into account is the Swann Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Security Camera. Wire-free, no cables needed so there is no concern about what can go wrong.

Last but not least, the Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, is another wire-free camera. You could install it without any complicated tools. The app to control is also very easy to set up.


Make sure that your smart camera is compatible with the smart assistants, by that, you can easily control it just on your phone.

I have here the Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera, fully compatible with Alexa, and Google. Enjoy the adjusting flow and see how nice it could work with smart assistants.


1. Do all security cameras need a subscription?

Most security cameras require monthly or yearly payment for storage but there are some which do not take any fee.

2. Does smart security cameras require Wi-fi?

Yes, they have to connect to Wi-fi to store the footage in the cloud. Because it is remote storage that is operated via the Internet.

3. How long do the Arlo Pro 2 batteries last?

Normally, it lasts for 6 months.

4. How often do Arlo batteries need to be recharged?

Arlo Pro and Pro 2 might last 5-6 months, but Arlo Ultra usually needs recharging around 3-4 months

5. Do security camera batteries need to be replaced?

If your device battery is removable, then should replace after a certain amount of time ( 2 or 6 months).

6. How do I get my Arlo camera back online?

Sign out of the account you have logged in to the app of the website and then log in back.

Final Thought

What factors should you be working on to take home the smart security camera that will best suit your need? Down here, I will be listing the best smart security camera outdoor based on each category: