The Best Wall Clock Under $500 for Your Money in December 2022

Xenia Swift
  Dec 1, 2022 1:02 PM

Are you looking for the Best Wall Clock Under $500 to buy? What are your priorities? Price, quality, brand, warranty? You can find it all in this blog. Read reviews by experts and buyers just like you. We also provide buying guides and tips on how to save money when shopping on Amazon.

Howard Miller Amanda Wall Clock 625-282 – Golden Oak Finish, Antique Home Décor, Polished Brass Pendulum Bob, Volume Control, Quartz, Dual-Chime Movement

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Nowadays, most of us don't need a wall clock to tell us what time it is because we have smartphones at our fingertips, but another benefit of the wall clock is that the phone is. Smartphones don't have that they can be a wonderful decoration for the bare wall of your home. Wall clocks are required for many different types of home decor, such as chic and modern or rustic and classic.

From quality budget-friendly wall clocks to precise and meticulously crafted wall clocks, we sifted through all the selection criteria to identify the best timepieces. The best wall hanging for every decor in your home. To give our customers the most detailed review, we have compiled all the best wall clocks under $500 in the article below.

Buying Guides

The best wall clocks under $500 can make your room look more artistic and luxurious depending on your decision of buying a wall clock. When choosing a wall clock for your home there are several factors to consider that we have listed below.


Here we talk about the style and design of both the house and the wall clock. If your home has a vintage vibe, choose watches in minimalist tones like Kensington Wall Clock or printed with roman numerals like Analog Metal Clock. This will make your home more luxurious and noble.

And if you are a person who likes modern and simple, you should choose the wall clocks designed as minimally as possible with black and white tones such as Modern Style Wooden Clock.


The size of the wall clock is the first factor we often notice. It is not only the external dimensions of the wall clock but also the size of the number printed on it. Depending on the large or small space choose the size of a wall clock to suit the space. Besides, the printed numbers should be large enough that you can see the time from a distance, so you don't have to get up close to see the time. With a design for spacious spaces, Decor Clock for Home is optimally used in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.


Wall clock with a variety of designs and materials. Usually, in the market, we will find wooden, plastic, and metal watches. Among them, plastic material such as Vintage Brown Wall Clock is the most commonly sold and bought because it is budget-friendly, and the variety of colors makes it easy for you to choose to match the design of your home. 

However, wall clocks made of plastic do not last as long as other materials such as wood and metal. Although wooden and metal wall clocks, such as Modern Silent Wall Clock, will usually be more expensive than plastic ones, they will last longer and increase your house's value. So, if you have been wanting to buy a wall clock for a long time, spend a good amount of money to buy a wooden or metal wall clock. This not only saves you from having to change the wall clock but also makes the space in the house more beautiful.


1. What is the importance of the wall clock?

You will need a wall clock in the house so that you can see the time to meet your schedules and deadlines. Think about it, if one day you couldn't tell the time, you wouldn't know how quickly time passed, and your day would be boring. Therefore, the watch helps you determine the time to complete your daily tasks. The wall clock is very important because it is both a timekeeper and a decoration for your home.

2. How to choose a good wall clock?

Considering the availability and importance of wall clock features, we offer you the following selection criteria:

  • Size 

  • Design and color

  • Material

  • Sound or no sound

3. What material should I choose for my watch?

If you are on a tight budget, you should aim to buy plastic watches because they are quite cheap, colorful, diverse in design, and quite popular in the market. But the durability is not high because it is easy to break. 

The wooden or metal watches are quite luxurious but quite expensive, on the contrary, they are quite durable. Therefore, if your home has a minimalist design and modern style, you should accept to spend a good amount of money choosing metal or wooden clocks because they not only help you tell the time but also enhance the beauty of your home.

4. How can I stop hearing the ticking of the wall clock?

You can soundproof the clock with a glass panel. Placing a glass case over the watch can help reduce the ticking sound of the watch while still allowing you to read the time visually. This is quite effective. You should buy laminated glass, as it works best in this situation as it can reduce noise more than tempered glass.

5. How long does it take for the wall clock to run out of battery?

The wall clock is battery operated so it takes quite a while. However, we recommend that you replace the batteries for your wall clock at least once a year because when the batteries are left in the device for long periods of time more than 1 year, they run the risk of leakage.

Final Thought

For others, other smart electronics may be lacking, but we cannot lack a wall clock. Since we live not only to eat and sleep, we also have a lot of other activities in a day, and a clock is a device that we can rely on to control the time and schedule our daily activities. So, with the information about the best wall clock under $500 that we provide above. Hope you can find a watch that you are most satisfied with!

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