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Get Cocos 2D Game Development services

Our team of developers use Cocos2D framework to create different types of cross-platform games

Cocos2D is a development platform used extensively to make interactive games and applications. Cocos2D is considered as an open-source game engine and is an affordable solution for Android and iOS games. It has extensive support for developers and users in the community. We design the most innovative and interactive games for our customers with our Cocos2D toolkit as a framework. This tool is used by our professionals to innovate a high-quality gaming experience. Customers can be assured of maturing and making the game more functional.

We are an accomplished game development company that develops the ideal user interface for your game and ensuring that gamers get a simple and advanced game from Cocos2D. We also will link your game to many platforms, including iOS and Android. Our Cocos 2D game developers concentrate on the right functionality to create games that allow consumers to stand out. We are trying to help players get the best out of this game technology.

Cocos 2D provides a broad range of gameplay tools. We have a team of well-known developers for Cocos2D who deliver high-quality games for hours to entertain users. As Python programming, JavaScript, C++, iPhone Swift creation, and Unbiased C programming are learned by our devoted programmers, we are sure that they can offer a superior gaming experience. We can also add Cocos 2D third-party libraries to help you achieve the functionality you want for your title.

We have great experience in the creation of high quality games that cater to the players with Cocos2D toolkits. We trust that we will build cross-platform games with the right animation and effects. We also benefit consumers through mobile device marketing strategies and have excellent after-start service.

We have developed powerful and exciting games for our users with years of experience in the gaming business. Our programmers in Cocos2D will render fun playing exciting sports. Ask us if you are searching or want to learn more from us from game production services.

Tools/Products of Cocos2d Game Development

Cocos Creator

Cocos Developer is a comprehensive collection of Software Creation Resources, including a Cocos2d-x game engine, resource management, scene design, scenario demo, debug, and several application publishing ventures.


It is commonly used to develop interactive video sports, applications, and other cross-platform GUIs. JavaScript and Lua are both used. It is an open source and C++ game platform that includes a layer enclosed by a thin framework.


Cocos is a qualified and free game creation toolkit that allows developers to easily build game content and delete repetitive research through easy-to-use Interface editors.


SDKBOX allows the installation of 3rd party SDKs in your games super simple and Free for the Cocos2d-x players. Regardless of the increasing generator, C++, Java-Script, or Lua edition, SDKBOX can reduce the service integration period to minutes.

Views — This is the web application section that users view and browse the OS browser. All these views are linked to the components of the framework, including controllers, route, and templates. Reusable code, views, and other components make EmberJS a favorite among developers, particularly easy.

Technology Stack for Cocos2d Game Development

  • Programming Language: Java, C++ , Objective C
  • Technologies: Cocos2D-x, Cocos2D
  • IDE: Android Studio, Xcode
  • Design Paradigm: Component Based/OpenGL
  • Platform Supported: Android 5.0 or later, iOS 9.1 or later
  • Database: MongoDB, SQlite

Benefits of Cocos 2D Game Development

The wonderful game development engine offers you different advantages from a respectable Cocos2D software development service. The following are some of the key issues of interest which make this an ideal option.

  • Rapid production Wide Public Society and Simple API.
  • Sustained applied mechanics and weight and speed.
  • Open source and cross-platform software engine platforms.
  • It adds the ability to open source nature to extend the functionality.
  • Cross-platform access is deemed highly cost-effective relative to many channels.
  • Strong structure, perfect for making 2D applications and games on any device.
  • This can incorporate databases and group service networks from third parties.

This amazing engine is synonymous with some positive characteristics and technological features, rendering it an excellent option for developers. Reliability and stability are the ideal choices for game development support. Two of the main reasons why game development is chosen. Notice the GUI focused software for desktops, consoles, and the internet, without any copyright characteristics or platform switch. It is certainly the first choice for simple and perfect applications with a rich user interface.

If you want to make a profit from this awesome device, you need to hire Cocos2d developers to satisfy your wishes. The assistance of the preferred and reputable Cocos2D production company with proven track records with the appropriate services is important.

Creative Cocos2D Game Development Service to Grow Your Business

The Cocos2D industry development service was commendably earned by our team by providing global customers with trust and appreciation that helped them not only to create a unique stand but to gain customer loyalty.

Custom Cocos 2D game development

Our developers and programmers are experts to build personalized solutions for the development of Cocos 2D games.

Graphical User Interface

Cocos2D typically provides the most widely used graphical features in particular in the game scenes with primitives such as text boxes, tabs, menus, and icons.


For game development professionals, Coco2d-x is focused on C++ programming. Also, it also has the Lua language for scripting. The script is mostly used for creators of games.


Another main aspect of the creation of Cocos 2D games is producing skeletal animation. This technique allows you to easily create a simple player walk cycle.

Flow Control

One of the key characteristics of 2D Coco’s game development is Flow Control. Usually, the flow control between different scenes is easy to manage.

Development for HTML5 Apps

It launches HTML5 Applications that can operate your game effectively on native platforms as well as web browsers such as Mac OS X, IOS, Windows, and Android.

Cross Mobile Game Development

Developers are mainly permitted to exploit the existing Lua, Javascript, and C++ knowledge through Cocos2d-x in Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, and Linux for the development of cross-platform applications to save time, cost and effort.

Cocos 2D framework development

We can surely help you create a framework to help you customize your development.

Why Choose Us?

We have devoted Cocos2D engineers with the highest degree of experience in designing Android and iOS gaming applications. We’re one of India’s leading Cocos2D game development company;

  • To meet customers’ needs, we are provided with expert game developers.
  • Custom implementations for all Coco2D game creation software may be created by our programmers and engineers.
  • We are available to talk to you about the project and solve any queries by mail and telephone.
  • For a variety of operating systems like Android and iOS utilizing a Coco2D Game Engine, we have good quality gaming solutions.
  • The growing customer was pleased with our validated methodologies and Cocos 2D developers constantly notify customers on the development of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cocos 2D will be used for 2D and 3D games free of charge as the open-source platform. No license fees are required for Cocos 2D use.
  • May delegate collections from third parties that boost game features.
  • It runs smoothly on all platforms and is lightweight.
  • Cocos 2D developers may always find assistance and support from the community of major developers.
  • Extensible and highly versatile.
  • It creates room for new and future experiments without time loss.
  • Chipmunk & Box2d are two physics engines, which are used.
  • Market success guaranteed and demonstrated.
  • The Quick Fast Application API shall be used.

Open Source:

Cocos2D is published free of charge as an open source. In using Cocos2D, you will not have to pay the license fees.

Third party libraries:

To improve game features, third party libraries may be combined with Cocos2D.

Light Weight & Fast Running:

Developers will assist and help from the large developer group when Cocos2D is being used.

One of the key benefits of designing CoCos 2D games is simple accessibility across all platforms and rich gameplay with a broad range of apps. Our team of specialists with a wealth of expertise in the area of game production in CoCos2D helps us to overcome the nature of the work they do. We do recognize that every game concept has its beauty, we’re here to bring life to the game. It’s feasible for us to deliver a fresh world for gamers to try with the new CoCos2D SDK and its apps.

We are a one-stop, stable Cocos2d Development Service Company that fulfills your desire for Cocos2d growth. Our team of talented developers is committed to giving you creative solutions. We are the leading Cocos2d Production Company from where you can recruit Cocos2d developers depending on your preference and the need to make the most of this awesome game development technology. Our rates for these programs are fair and would be included in your budget. If you are searching for Cocos2d Game Development Company, please feel free to contact us or give us a call. We’ve got a professional game developer who creates a great game.

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