Does Caffeine Affect Muscle Growth?

First of all you just need to understand the fact that caffeine as we all know used as a stimulant can also be found in other beverages as many think it is only found in coffee. There is no doubt about that caffeine is responsible of alerting you and makes you feel energetic right after taking it. Today we are going to see whether this caffeine is going to affect your muscle growth or not? If it does affect then in what sense it could be used properly so that it should not be counterproductive.

Let’s see the effect…

When you take caffeine in any form it actually hits the central nervous system and it makes sure you get stream of neurons which will eventually increase the mental energy. There is pituitary gland in our body which is responsible of adrenaline release and many of you must know that adrenaline gives you the energy you need. With the help of this adrenaline release and stream of neurons you can have a great advantage in during your workout schedule. Many studies have confirmed this phenomenon and if it is believed to be true then making you able to perform better in workout would certainly lead you to the muscle growth.

Other ways…

Fatty acids play an important role in muscle growth. Good news for caffeine lover is that when you take a dose of caffeine it helps in releasing the fatty acid in your bloodstream. Fatty acids in bloodstream will give you lots of energy. While you will be consuming the energy provided by fatty acids meanwhile the muscle energy will be retained and that is how you are going to increases your workout period. By having longer time period of workout you will be enjoying greater muscle growth for sure.

One thing must be kept in view here is that the effect of caffeine has not been so much positive in a longer run for some mild level of exercise. But if you want to have an energy boost for some intense level of workout then caffeine is not going to give you that sort of energy boost. The reasons are clear that caffeine does not stimulate anything like that which could give you instant energy sufficient for your short term workout targets. So you have to be very clear on this that caffeine is not going to help you out if you are looking for some instant source of energy for your workout.

Caffeine behavior to muscle…

Well if you really want to know what happens when you take caffeine then you have to get down to the very basic human bio-chemistry down to the cellular level. At this level the muscle contraction is due to the calcium and more calcium means stronger muscles. Good thing about caffeine is that it reacts with the skeletal muscle and helps in storage of calcium and you get strong muscle in this shape. Which is also responsible of increasing your capability during workout.

Feedback from professionals…

Whatever we have been talking about until now was about the scientific studies conducted but we also need to take a look on what professionals have to say about this. Many body builders out there witness the fact that they feel far more enthusiastic in their training session when they have consumed caffeine right before the session. This is what has been approved by the scientific studies, as one of the studies says that there is still no established relation between the caffeine and the energy in output you get but still there are some effects deep down in our blood that makes us feel better.

Let’s talk about the effect of caffeine on body fat. First of all the question is there any direct relation between body fat and the caffeine? Then the answer is yes it has. The overall metabolism of human body is affected by the caffeine we take as caffeine is responsible of increasing the levels of cyclic monophosphate. Which in return increases the blood sugar and that actually triggers the process of freeing fatty acids. This overall enhances the energy of a person who can now spend more time on his workout schedule quite easily.

Overall health effect of caffeine…

Who on earth does not want to get lean? Of course everyone wants to and the good news from here is that you don’t need to worry about this. As this can be done by using caffeine. As mentioned earlier caffeine is responsible of freeing fatty acids and increase the sugar level in your blood. This can also be used to cut down the fat cells in your body and lower down your overall body weight. That is how actually many body builders have been doing this when they have to lower down their body weight.


One thing which is encouraging here is the fact that your body has been taking caffeine since childhood in many forms. This is what makes it truly healthy and of course given the facts that caffeine can not only increase the workout time you spend but it is also responsible of making you lean and fit. So for many people out there who want to increase the muscle growth then they can use this natural ingredient to boost up their energy with no side effects. Not to mention that there is always a limit of it that you can take but overall there are no apparent side effects on taking caffeine.

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