Keurig K55 Coffee Maker, Black Review

This is the Coffee maker by Keurig K55 which is capable of giving you the original taste of the coffee. The K-cup pod brew has different sizes like it has 6, 8 and 10 ounces. There are two different models in this Keurig coffee maker (45 and this one is the 55) and in this 55 coffee maker you can enjoy the water reservoir of 48 ounces of water. This reservoir will be really helpful as it can give you many cups of coffee without having the need of refilling it. The controls in this maker are very simple so anybody could use this without hesitation.

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One touch control of all the features of this 55 coffee maker has made it really comfortable to use. The auto off mechanism in this machine gives you the authority to pre set your own time you want to shut down your machine (it is not present in many of the machines).

The drip tray included in this maker is removable so don’t need to worry about this anymore. The specification of this coffee maker says that the Keurig 55 maker is able to give you around 500 different K-cup pod variations and they could be of so many brands. The dimensions of this maker are so adjustable that it can be placed almost anywhere.

The height of this maker is about 14 inches and the width goes something like 13.5 inches with the thickness of 9.8 inches so these all dimensions clearly suggest that this one is really the compact maker you want in your home or office. The weight of this 55 Keurig is 12 pounds and it has been originated in USA so all the standards have been observed in manufacturing of this machine. It is available in multiple colors but the black one has been the standard of this maker. The feedback of the customer about this Keurig maker has been positive and they just love simplicity and the efficiency of this with affordable price.


This Keurig 55 coffee maker is the sort of coffee maker which can give you the pleasure of having instant cup of coffee with all its simple controls. The great thing about this coffee maker is that it can brew around 500 different pods. In addition to this unit there are other things as well which can be attached to this for better use of it. Like Keurig storage drawer can be bought separately and put on the top of this maker to store different pods in one place. So is the case with Keurig stainless steel travel mug which guarantees you to keep the warmth of the coffee for longer time.

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There have been few complains about the noise level produced by this maker but most of the times it only runs for the initial seconds of the brewing.


In short this is the best coffee maker for anyone looking for instant cups of coffee, this will surely help you out.

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