KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder Review

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, 3-Ounce, Black

It is one of the best products by KRUPS which has the long history of making affordable and efficient coffee machines. The KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder (in black color) has been the number one best seller in Electric Coffee Blade Grinders. The grinder is the major part of any coffee machine and you would be very glad to know that this KRUPS F203 has the powerful grinder of 200 watts of motor.

It gives equal and fast grinding to every bit of the substance put inside it. Then there comes the grinding capacity (it defines how much quantity can be easily grinded in a single go) and you don’t need to really worry about this as well because 12 cups of tea can easily be grinded in this large KRUPS F203 grinder.

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The design of this machine is such as to ensure the uniform grinding which affects the taste directly. The blades in this machine are made up of stainless steel which plays an important role in grinding and not to forget that they are highly durable (can last for long period of time). This machine is versatile without any doubt and that versatility comes from the fact that it can grind nuts, spices and grains along with the coffee beans. The safety switch given in this machine is Lid activated which is very safe.


This machine comes with the warranty of 2 years and this is for all over the world. The automatic time setting in this machine allows you to prefer what type of coffee you want, either ground fine or it could be coarse given the time duration of grinding. The grinding time varies as coarse grind takes less time for grinding that the others. The size of this KRUPS F203 is just perfect and it can be adjusted anywhere and its design adds the beauty as well. The weight of the machine is around 1 pound and it is around 6.8 inches long. KRUPS has put all the experience of 150 years in making of this machine truly worth buying.


With all amazing features this KRUPS F203 machine has just too much to give you as compared to its price and durability. Provided the 200 watts of powerful motor this is one of the best grinders out there and this is highly recommended for you.

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There is not anything in this machine really which can be counted as being the disadvantage but one thing can be of a little concern for many consumers, and that is the non retractable cord of this machine. So you better look this before actually going for it but in our opinion this is just the minor concern.


If you are really willing to save precious time of your life then you need to have this KRUPS F203 Coffee machine. The easy to use, efficient and versatile machine has just everything which you want from a coffee grinder.

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