Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan Review

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan

This coffee maker is specially designed for those who don’t want to have heavy duty coffee machine in their stock. This Nespresso Pixie Espressso maker, Electric Titan is just one of the easiest coffee maker specially dedicated to the espresso. The brewing in this machine is done in a very compact compound and it has been made really simple to use. The insertion and the ejection of the capsules are as easy as a piece of cake. The thermo block heating element has been built in this coffee maker (which is not present in most of the machines).

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There is preheating time (which is very fast in this machine) as it takes around 30 seconds. You must have always desired for the tall recipe glasses and the good news is that this machine accommodates tall recipe glasses with the help of folding drip tray.

There is another great thing which is there and it is the automatic coffee volume quantity and not only this but the quantity of the coffee can also be programmed. This might be looking the small coffee machine but it comes with some great features (found in high priced machines) such as the backlit LED water level detection which indicates the level of the water in the machine and saves your precious time.

This Nespresso Pixie Espressso maker is able to hold utmost 10 capsules and it has the removable water tank as well (the water tank can give the volume of 0.7 liters of water) and the great thing is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year. This whole machine is based on automation and that includes its programmable option for making espresso and lungo.

The folding drip tray will surely provide you the luxury of serving coffee in larger cups. The brew time of this machine goes something like 25 to 30 seconds. Another great feature of auto turn off makes this machine a complete package. With the capsule container and not to forget the suitable power cord storage, this can be the machine you have been looking for.


With such a low budget this is really difficult for other machines to compete Nespresso Pixie as it is totally automatic and provides faster brew time with all indications (and with the folding drip tray). This machine is very light in weight as it is around 9 pounds or so and the design is such that it can be easily adjusted anywhere. It is just 12.8 x 9.2 inches machine with great titan color and you will just need $138. There is also a handle available in this machine which makes the transportation quite easy.

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The thing which can really be considered as a disadvantage in this machine is the water reservoir which is small and needs refilling time to time. Another thing is that there have been few complaints about the coffee spray while brewing.


Over all the quality of the coffee made out in this machine is great and under low budget this Nespresso Pixie is highly recommended for you.

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