Organic Vs. Conventional Coffee: Which Is The Best?

Organic Vs. Conventional Coffee

Without any doubt coffee is one of the most popular drinks after beer and it has got all the right reasons for this. Most of the coffee lovers still do not know that there are certainly two kinds of coffee available out there, the organic and the conventionally available coffee. There has been a long debate on which coffee is good for health and whether a person needs to shift himself to the conventional one.

One thing is for sure that organic coffee is becoming very much popular due to some good health effects but of course this debate is still going on. Right now you are going to read some of the facts about conventional and organic coffee with all their positives and negatives so that you could decide yourself which one is better for your health. Keep in mind that these are established facts but you can have your thought on this as well.

Little background…

You might not have bothered yourself in knowing how the cup of coffee which you drink in the evening reaches to your table. Of course that should not be your concern but if you are bit curious then such questions should cross your mind. First of all you have to acknowledge that coffee is widely used all over the world and there is a huge business of it. Have you ever wondered how the demand of such scale is being fulfilled every year? With advanced technology everywhere now there are methods to increase the production but as you apply some artificial methods then you put the environment and the health of people at stack.

One thing is for sure that the coffee we mostly used “the conventional one” goes through too much chemical processes right through the beginning. First of all different fertilizers are used to meet the production demands, not only that but there is a common use of so many different herbicides, insecticides and pesticides to protect it from damage. Mind you it is not only dangerous for the farmers to work with such intense amount of chemicals but it has also become a danger to the people living nearby to these cultivation areas. So this could be one of the side effects of conventional coffee to the human health and the environment generally.

On the other hand you won’t see any such thing in organic coffee so that is the reason why it is environment and human friendly. No use of artificial fertilizers not to forget that organic fertilizers are used though. One more important thing about organic fertilizers and the whole process that the amount of carbon releases to the environment is very much less as compared to the artificial fertilizer. Apart from this the health benefit is also there in organic fertilizers as it enriches the amount of antioxidants in the organic coffee which in return posses healthy effects.

Last but not the least the effect on environment due to the conventional way of production is quite dangerous. As the whole area is cleared and just because of this reason there has been deforestation in many areas of the world thus disturbing the overall ecosystem. When a forest is cleared to make a land for conventional coffee then there are certain bad things happen to the environment and health. Like there is a natural defense system which forest maintains and when deforestation takes place then there is a need of extra caution in the form of heavy dose of pesticides. So now you have at least the overall picture of what is actually happening out there in the name of coffee production.

Health Concerns…

As we have discussed earlier the whole procedure of producing conventional coffee. Now keeping in view all that you will realize that how bad conventional coffee can be for our health. Because of unnatural production of conventional coffee there is greater space needed for this and for that we have to cut down the forest. In return the eco-system is disturbed and in order to compensate that disturbed eco-system there has to be increase quantity of pesticides and herbicides.

This should be in your concern that according to one of the surveys around 70 percent of the coffee supplied worldwide is having those toxic pesticides in it. So problem still lies in the production of conventional coffee as there is huge amount of pesticides which remain intact in coffee beams and end up in your body to further create problems for your health.

There is another huge concern about conventional coffee is that it has to go through too much chemical processes which makes it bad for health. When something natural is processed chemically then it is quite obvious that due to the chemical process there has to be the contamination in the substance as well. It cannot be emphasized anymore that those pesticides are dangerous for your vital organs. Furthermore if you are having a newborn child then it could be lethal for him too as the immune system in children is not that much strong.


So here is the deal if you are still thinking that why there is conventional coffee out there? Ask this question to yourself first. Do you prefer organic coffee than the conventional one? If not then how it can be stopped. It won’t be stopped unless or until you take a decision and start consuming organic coffee not only that but also encourage everyone closed to you that they also prefer organic coffee. That is the only way how we can create the awareness and change the dimension of this huge industry towards more natural and organic way.

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