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Salesforce AppExchange

The AppExchange is a complete marketplace of Salesforce, offering cloud-computing applications and consulting services. It is a platform for lightning and apps, which provides optimized Salesforce solutions to businesses to help them deliver better services. From AppExchange, businesses can access, download and install apps that would help them in operations and growth. It is used by developers and independent software vendor (ISV) partners to sell the apps they have built on the Salesforce platform.

AppExchange includes hundreds of managed and unmanaged packages to match any business requirement. Managed packages are typically used by Salesforce partners to distribute and sell applications to customers, whereas unmanaged packages are typically used to distribute open- source projects or application templates to provide developers with the basic building blocks for an application. AppExchange has millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews to help Salesforce users find the best match for their business.

Salesforce AppExchange App Development

AppExchange app development enables businesses to offer customers a consistent experience of their product offering and services. It helps businesses to:

  • Improve existing functionality of their internal implementations,
  • Expand their customer base, and
  • Increase their business by selling apps and

End-to-end AppExchange app development can translate your thought to a full-fledged implementation. The answer to why AppExchange, is because of following features:

  • 1, 50,000+ Strong Marketplace (Users) on
  • App Monetization to earn
  • Customize and develop faster with free
  • Solve business problems with managed

Here at AppSearch, our Salesforce professionals have deep knowledge of AppExchange. They are not only proficient in building new applications for AppExchange, but they can also migrate your existing products to AppExchange. We have a team of young professionals, who can assist you to create & publish your own standalone applications. We have extensive expertise and knowledge. We use powerful APIs, Lightning components, and mobile-ready tools to develop applications. Right from planning to deployment, we provide solutions that meet your business requirement.

AppExchange Services at AppSearch

We as an AppExchange service provider deliver our services for various business verticals to accomplish any business objective. We guide businesses from choosing till customization of the application. Whether native app or hybrid app, we are well-versed with the entire AppExchange application development life cycle.

We will guide you through the process of AppExchange product designing, developing, reviewing and publishing. The AppExchange product development lifecycle is a series of stages that every application goes through. This cycle is recommended to ensures that you are building a product that consumers want and have established the proper business processes to gain customers and support them after their purchase. The six stages of the AppExchange product lifecycle are:

AppExchange Services at AppSearch

Taking the time to go step by step through each stage will not only help to ensure your product gets to market, but will also avoid many of the common pitfalls along the way. To achieve full AppExchange product lifecycle benefits, we deliver the following cost-effective and exceptional services for every stage of AppExchange Product Lifecycle:

Salesforce AppExchange App Development

AppExchange Consulting Services

Many of the organizations don’t have the in-house resources to deliver on their vision and transform their business. Our team of dedicated and experienced consultants is ready to convert your vision to a real world application. Our team is capable of understanding client’s business requirement and providing the best possible assistance to achieve goals, no matter where clients are in their digital transformation journey.

Our consultants can help independent software vendors (ISVs) with industry-specific consulting services that will help them get the right application solution. We draw a roadmap for strategic development and deployment which includes planning, designing, developing and packaging.

We choose the kind of app that will help their business, the platform for which they should develop and finally the development lifecycle for the app.

During consulting, first step is to frame an Application architecture blueprint, second step is to produces prototype of the application, third step comprises of a competitor analysis and final step is to derive a go to market application strategy. So our four step consulting model is exclusively crafted to empower ambitious product companies succeed on AppExchange.

AppExchange App Development Services

AppExchange product lifecycle’s second and most important stage is build. We perform design, development and deployment during this stage, which comes under our end-to-end AppExchange app development services. This stage is very crucial because its better execution can avoid later complications. Our developers can easily turn your idea into reality using their expertise in AppExchange App Development Services.

Our expert developers work with APEX, Visualforce, Lightning,, Heroku, and JavaScript to develop native ISV apps of any complexity. The apps our team develops emphasize clean code and straightforward functionality, keeping complexities below the surface, where they don’t hinder the usability of the application. Our team of qualified experts helps you to develop Lightning-ready and Salesforce1 compatible apps tailor-made for your business. We use tested Salesforce architecture and patterns to reduce development risk.

AppSearch provides its clients with end-to-end AppExchange development services. App Design, App Development, App Packaging, Custom Connector, Adapter Development, Product migration to, you name it, we do it. From your idea to development to implementation, we do everything.

AppExchange Compliance Assistance Services

AppExchange is big on compliance, before getting listed all AppExchange products are required to pass a security review conducted by Security Team. Security Review helps establish trust between you and Salesforce customers. Our team is capable of creating

AppExchange compliant products. We will carefully review the code, run multiple levels of thorough scrutiny and give you a 100% secure product.

Concerns about regulatory compliance are one of the major inhibitors to adoption of AppExchange development. If you are facing challenges in deploying applications on AppExchange due to its regulatory compliance, or concerned about them, then put your concerns aside as we guide you through the security review process of AppExchange before listing your app on AppExchange.

AppSearch assists an organization to achieve best-practice Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Standards across the entire business. Our consultants can conduct a review on the security within and outside the app, and can guide during the security review process. Our AppExchange Security Review Assistance services include: External Security Review and Security Review Assistance.

AppExchange Management Services

We at AppSearch provide excellent management to an application listed or ready to be listed on AppExchange. If it’s already listed, we can provide excellent support service for the application, and if not, we will get your app listed and deployed on Salesforce AppExchange and continue to work with you to keep it up and running.

AppExchange Management services are provided at the final stage of the AppExchange product lifecycle, where we show the world what we have proudly built. Under management services we launch, market and offer backend support to the app that has been developed.

No matter what the issue is related to, we are professionals and we excel in building the best work strategy. Our AppExchange management is very cost effective. Our AppExchange Management services include: AppExchange Launch, AppExchange Marketing, AppExchange Support, App support, and Customer Training.

Why AppExchange For App Development

  • AppExchange has a large number of users. This number alone answers the question. Having millions of clients at one place simply means that you are presenting your app to number of prospects
  • AppExchange apps are extremely future-oriented and unlike the traditionally build apps its solutions are scalable and fit for future
  • AppExchange has strict security compliance for app listing, before every phase of deployment the apps are scanned and their code hand is validated by com security experts, making each app highly secure.
  • The AppExchange apps help you take advantage of the app enhancements easily as ISVs upgrade the apps regularly with feature and
  • Unlike an app that you build with limited usability, AppExchange apps are highly scalable solutions enabling your business to use these apps even in future
  • AppExchange provides a fast app delivery system which reduces installation and integration
  • AppExchange apps comply with industry standards. They are tested before their release, checked thoroughly to eliminate bugs or
  • AppExchange provides flexibility for managed and unmanaged apps, which you can avail based on your requirement.

Why AppSearch For AppExchange Services

  • AppSearch has a team of experienced AppExchange developers that will help you with innovative applications design, development, packaging, integration, configuration, implementation, automation, migration and much
  • We are specialist in end-to-end AppExchange app development, from planning to security review assistance, and to management, we are well-versed in
  • Our AppExchange app development approach include Acquiring idea, Prototype development, Exemplary UI & UX design, Security review & Packaging standards, Quality checks, Deployment, Support &
  • We are expert in tackling any issues of APIs, checkouts, platform limits, unit tests, permission model and so on and ready to guide you through the entire app development life
  • We are well-versed in JAVA, Apex, Visual Force, API and AppExchange, our team ensures that you clear Salesforce security review with

What’s your AppExchange development plan? Share with us and let our experts help you with it. AppSearch Team can become your cost effective and efficient partner for AppExchange related services.

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