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Get TikTok like Application developed by proficient developers

Being one of the reputed mobile app development company, App Search team is aware of developing a social media app like TikTok

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TikTok, the latest phenomenon in the viral video network of around 1 billion subscribers, has earned a mixed response – several diverse reactions including curiosity, excitement, fun, etc.

The app can be called the key player in the social applications market. The latest features, UX and impressive short-term video formats make it more popular amongst people. TikTok has hit the market very hard that it can’t be downgraded.

We are known as the leading app development company because it offers the best app development services for customers. Know-how engineers have a mobile framework according to the customer’s needs.

tik tok like app development app search

You may contact us to create an application like TikTok, which includes a user panel, an admin panel, header features, and a chat function. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with all advanced features, along with the best services at reasonable prices.

The Features of the TikTok like Application

Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Selection of song/audio

Pick your favorite songs or add your own, including your own music or audio collection for your particular video sharing.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Video Selfie and Dubbing

Record unique video posts or report output on music-dubbed-Several ways to help users themselves become mini internet stars on our unique Tik Tok like application. To build videos easily or gradually, users may set camera speed preferences.

Platform Integration

Filters and stickers with photos

Create your images with multiple filters and stickers, post them with others, or on certain social media on your website, as well as on the versatile version of the TikTok like application.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Sharing of multi-video / image

Share your translated video or media on your profile, other users, or certain social platforms in some categories and on the interactive Tiktok like application.

API Development & Integration

Create your channel

In the customizable TikTok like application, users may launch their specific channel. Users may change their networks for public awareness, or only for mates, depending on their privacy settings.

Testing and Maintenance

News Feed

The news feed is constantly updated to show the latest posts from other users, channels, top viewed posts, locally / international trending channel, and more, based on the user ‘s followers and followers. Built for the maximum degree of app engagement.

Testing and Maintenance

View & Like Your Posts

Users can view messages from different users and channels. Like the customizable TikTok like application too, comment and share posts.

Testing and Maintenance

Multiple chat connection options

In-App communication script with a variety of multimedia networking possibilities is combined with Tiktok like application ,Social Media Dubbing & Networking script.

Testing and Maintenance


Our live video streaming solution makes it so much easier to go live. Your mates will be alerted and will be able to use our live streaming service in real-time.

Testing and Maintenance

Built-in music library and video editor

The software offers up-to-date photo editing and music collection. The toolset features a range of filters, AR effects, animations and graphics, simple editing software, and a wider collection of any form of audio.

Testing and Maintenance

Users' Hidden Talks

In-app communities of other users may be formed by users to keep private chats. Inspired by Snapchat, the TikTok like application script is developed into a ‘Secret Chat’ app that enables users to speak to other users and is immediately deleted until they are finished.

Testing and Maintenance

Reporting of users

Document on a variety of grounds to certain users or posts. High-quality standards for your Tiktok can be preserved

Technology Stack

  • Swift for iOS app development
  • Android for Kotlin development
  • Node.js for Back-end development
  • SQL or Mongo DB for Database
  • Azure or AWS for Cloud
  • Azure stream analytics for real-time analytics
  • Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Apple Push Notification Service for iOS

How does it Work?

  • Firstly, realizing it functions to create an app like TikTok. This software also provides filters and editing resources for creating some music video and for sharing it with others. This includes:
Specialized-IoT Teams


Users will use various filters and another cool editing to display their initial images in animated pictures.



This allows users to add, save, remix and search videos, replay lists, and many more for sound effects and songs.

Specialized IoT


Pleasant and interactive filters can be applied to music videos like Instagram and Snapchat by users.

Your Business’ Calling, Chat App Right Now

The way industry moves have often shifted as technology advances. You must include the chat app in your business process. We build a portable and personalized chat app for your company if you recruit chat device developers from us. In the following term, it will help you.

Steps we follow to develop a TikTok like application

Specialized-IoT Teams

1. Analyze the target community

The first move is to classify the population we aim with the app and find out more about it. Here are the key points.

Behavior patterns

There is less desire for the user to download something, a lack of high interest and reliability, sluggish loading times, and the usage of the device.

Demographic Aspect

It covers the average age and living areas of all users, the appliances they use, and many more.


2. Choose the Model of Monetarisation

After details about the target audience, we begin to work on the right business model for the development of the TikTok like app. The two main things are included.

Buying in-app

We give the alternative of helping live broadcasters and trading virtual coins or currencies for gifts.


We offer these options that you get costs per click, whenever a user interacts. Also costs for a specific action such as a newsletter registration or an App installation if an advertiser pays.

Specialized IoT

3. Monitoring of development

We analyze things from the start that include the generation of requirements, costs, technological stack choice, and planning for the project when we start a development project. Also included are three key elements.

Define the scope of the project such as business priorities and software and take monetization strategy into account.

We then develop the framework model for the study of the key features and user functions of the TikTok like application.

Specialized IoT

4. MVP Construction

Developing a social video app is not an easy thing. Therefore, we always propose to our customers to launch their project as an MVP, apart from creating an expensive full-function application.

See whether or not people like the device and what input does it provide?

We can do so if our consumer requires us to do so.

This MVP includes various functions like fundamental user interface, user login, user profile, posting, search, geographic features, social sharing, etc.

Specialized IoT

5. Technology Required

Depending on clients ‘ needs, developers will use Java and Kotlin to support TikTok as apps for other android devices, but then if you want an application for iOS, we will use C language or Swift to support it.

Specialized IoT

6. Cost of development

Developing a social video app is not an easy thing. Therefore, we always propose to our customers to launch their project as an MVP, apart from creating an expensive full-function application.

Why Choose App Search for TikTok like application development

Specialized-IoT Teams

100% Customisable Solution

Our TikTok like application has a white mark that can be entirely personalized and held as desired by the customer. The customer can tailor any color theme, including additional features and features to his idea.


Monetizable genuinely

Our TikTok like application is ultimately the perfect way to monetize your selfie Video App with payments that people can buy stickers and upgrade their profiles in the application through payments.

Specialized IoT

Ready to use app script

We offer TikTok like application which is ready to run with TikTok’s main features. Clients own the script 100% and can upgrade it according to the client’s wishes.

Specialized IoT

Reliable and Scalable

Application is designed with extremely dynamic architecture and can be quickly changed, based on the client’s needs, the webserver and all third party media would be the client’s own.

Specialized IoT

Codes of reference and promotion

Users are welcomed by giving users links along with promotional codes to welcome friends to our TikTok like app for the advantage of their profiles. New users often profit from exclusive codes by accepting connections.

Specialized IoT

Currency and multi-lingual

Our program is flexible according to consumer area and choice for several languages and currencies. The program may be modified to include more than one language and currency.

Specialized IoT

Security and assistance

With person SSL for websites and server IPs, we protect our program. For all security needs and technical assistance, our support staff is accessible 24/7.

Specialized IoT

Advanced chatbots built-in

Our TikTok like framework has an integrated developer chatbot to track the application’s robustness to each claimant.

Specialized IoT

Application is SEO Friendly

Our application is designed to take competitive selfie video applications on the market into account. It has been designed to make it very easy to obtain the high ranking TikTok like application on the market for SEO analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, from the perfect stage to the completion of your program, our marketing department will be in direct contact with you. During creation, your comments and feedback are useful.

Yeah, you should have the entire source code upon release. We are going to deploy the software on all of the key platforms.

The cost of creating a device depends on a variety of variables, such as architecture sophistication, technology structure, infrastructure specifications, and many other items. The basic method is to measure the number of hours and multiply them by cost per hour to calculate the cost of any application.

Yes, as agreed, the team will provide all the technical support needed.

Yes, our stellated development team is happy to assist you with your needs for customization.

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