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Our Agile Development Services designed for you

App Search offers enhanced Agile Development Services that enable organizations to generate more revenue using incremental delivery systems.

Agile developer

App Search offers agility and flexibility to manage the agile development initiatives through our seasoned team of agile experts. Our technologies take care of all the needs from definition to code and creation to execution, offering quicker production of reliable solutions built with elegance. We eradicate inefficient activities with the usage of our new technology and tightly oriented resources productively and reliably.

How we use agile for the benefit of our customers?

App search agile process flow

Our agile methodology of app development helps us develop products at low risk and accelerate development speed

When we say that we are committed to the quality improvement of apps that App Search creates, we mean that from the heart. We have successfully delivered hundreds of applications through an agile methodology to date. If you respect the time and customer feedback for success, we can be the perfect application development partners for our agile development methodology.

App Search focuses on long-term gains by the diligent curation of the implementation of cultural transformation and behavioral improvement. To fulfill the expectations from the first to the last step of Agile development.

Competitive Price

Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

In this step, we connect you with our team of Developers, Designers, and the Testers and you can tell them the specific requirements prior to the actual implementation.

Testing and Maintenance

Agile Modeling

We make the implementation of agile development methods like programming, Scrum, and Rational Unified Process by documenting the principles and value on development project.


Agile Testing

We make sure that the bugs and errors are not present, we perform agile testing of the final product. This is done by our team of Testers keeping in loop every involved individual right from the UX-UI designers to the developers in the team.



Our team keep a to-do-list updated and handy to make sure that each task is streamlined. This helps us in achieving expectations of clients through the iterative mobile app development process.


Behavior Driven Development

Each functionality of application is validated in a streamlined manner so that no test cases are missed. It also involves the main causes and their fixes.

We offer well-researched and project-based insights that are individually tailored to the contracting and deployment requirements as part of our agile development process. The developers collaborate with consumers, advice, and support them to choose the right devices, technologies, and measures to facilitate predictability and visibility.

Our Agile Process Flow that accelerates your market launch

To ensure that we quickly respond to change, our process includes these feedback loops. These feedback loops runs on different time scales to streamline everything from tiny adjustments to big changes in the direction of project.

The Agile Process Flow

  1. 1. Concept-Ventures are designed and assigned priority
  2. Inception: members of the team are identified, funding is established and initial environments and demands are discussed
  3. Iteration/Construction-The engineering department is responsible for delivering functional applications focused on testing and input criteria
  4. Release-QA (Quality Assurance) monitoring, internal and external preparation, documents and development final update
  5. Production-Ongoing software support
  6. Retirement-End of life events such as contact of consumers and relocation

Feedback loop to ensure a smooth and reliable communication flow

Agile development service feedback loop chart

Pair programming– In this, the changes are done continuously by the development team.

Daily stand-up – This is help daily by the project team for 15 minutes to understand the changes.

Iterations planning– this is held bi-weekly by the project team for around 1-2 hours.

Risk analysis meeting– this is done on every other iteration and held by project team along with the facilitator.

Pair programming – Again it comes to pair programming and the changes are done continuously by the development team.

How we increase the benefits of your business by using the Agile model

Revenue Generation – The sales cycle begins as soon as you can market the product. The quicker you start, the sooner you start revenue generation. Because Agile tasks rely on the quick and regular implementation of business strategies, businesses may continue quickly and provide useful solutions in comparison to conventional approaches. Reduced trading time improves profits.

Visibility/Transparency – Agile promotes greater visibility as stakeholders participate in the delivery process. This allows for greater involvement of consumers in project preparation. It method means even that consumers remain in regular touch with the company as it encourages consistency.

Cost Control – The costs of scale-up and improvement can be controlled gradually to make it easy to invest in the company.

Customer Satisfaction – Customer loyalty is improved by the successful involvement of the company owner and a constant feedback loop is given. Customer feedback on the business side can be rapidly integrated or implemented in the platform, helping companies to remain highly responsive.

Go-to-Market – If you want to be a market leader in your company, time is a key factor. With Agile Development, incremental delivery models are possible and you get to the market more quickly.

Flexibility/Agility – The agile paradigm is based on these principles and allows it easier for organizations to remain agile with their consumers. The project is finished in pre-determined sections that are then reviewed with our customers before progressing to the next step of the plan, thus creating a greater sensation of stability when it comes to moving a project into another path.

Risk Management – Enhanced visibility, predictability, engagement with stakeholders, and Agile’s cost advantages help to reduce business risks.

Quality Control – One of Agile’s key principles is to integrate the tests during the life cycle so that the product is monitored regularly and is aligned with customer requirements. The shortcomings can be caught and acted on time.

Why Choose App Search for Agile Software Development?

We are committed to innovation and therefore believe that we can offer our customers around the world a unique value proposition. Sure of the biggest advantages of having App Search as your agile developer is-


Affordable service.

During the production cycle itself, the agile methodology helps companies to minimize expenses by reducing ton uncertainties and reacting to specific demands with insightful approaches.


100% Data Security

Our data protection is through. For further detail, please read our ISMS and GDPR enforcement. Agile development, coupled with shortened production times, enables a recognition of project danger at all levels which thus guarantees a quicker detection of threats which correction.


High-quality Services

Taking note of an environment of constant development, productive collaboration, coordination, and cross-functional contact, thereby building a dynamic workflow.


Scalable Service

Customers stay entirely regulated and may change/modify the project or implementation goal anytime they want.


Quick Turnaround

Faster achievement of benefits, as we emphasize software functionality and quick delivery of components. When the sector so needs, we provide stability for early project exits.



We offer committed staff who can address your queries immediately. You communicate with the project manager and receive daily real-time alerts.


Agile Development Professionals

We provide an extensive team of Agile development professionals with decades of expertise. They are the foundation for a variety of popular business ventures.


Best-in-class Infrastructure

Our department uses a great network to finish the job on schedule.


Help 24 hours a day

We give our clients close assistance in their chosen language. We function in your time zone because of our service centers in 4 continents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agile often allows end-users to continuously give input such that the product has been built following their client priorities and consumer expectations.

Benefits of Agile development:

  • Shorter periods of preparation allow teams to quickly incorporate improvements in the project. The backlog can also be improved and revalued by teams to reduce software development costs.
  • This is a good method for initiatives with an unambiguously specified ultimate purpose.
  • The production department insists on high-quality creation and monitoring while splitting a project into iterations. The team will find and fix problems quicker for high-quality applications by checking every route.
  • Regular contact and face-to-face connectivity are essential aspects of agile co-operation.
  • The approach encourages feedback from project users and team members to help implement the lessons that have been learned and improve iterations in the future. This can have a real impact on the final product for customers.

Through design, we use the Scrum system in agile environments. In reality, however, the budgeting for these programs does not vary greatly. We work with our development team on the preparation of a ballpark estimate showing respectively the time and cost of the project.

Our product creation methodology helps us to consider your organization goals, identify your value proposition, and develop the project from paper mockups, low-fidelity wireframes to prototypes that are high-fidelity. A stock backlog with the calculation is also open to you.

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