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Use our flutter app development services to accelerate your business

Our cost-effective Flutter apps are designed to provide  functionality-rich, innovative, and reliable solutions.

Flutter is a mobile SDK app designed to construct rich and versatile, Google-powered native interfaces for iOS and Android. Complete with a rich widget, interface, and software, Flutter helps developers to easily create beautiful apps for iOS and Android platforms. The key benefits of flutter app development are that it speeds up the development cycle, decreases total development costs as well as ease of development for cross-platform app developers. It provides the best cross-platform app creation by maintaining a single code base. Features such as hot reload, widget libraries help create beautiful native apps in lesser time.

Flutter helps developers to use the same codes in different environments and reduces the cost and complexity of creating applications across iOS and Android platforms. It is a revolutionary cross-platform App development system and prototyping tool that enables faster development of delightful motion, animation, and character-and identity-specific applications.

This open-source SDK mobile app supports both Android and iOS platforms using a single code base. This unprecedented and highly stable mobile UI architecture enables the development of high-quality native interfaces on cross-platforms within 120 FPS of record time. It provides speed, versatility, and scalability to build full-featured apps, geolocation, including camera, widgets, storage, animation, composing, gestures, and more. Flutter focuses on realistic and imperative programming principles that enable our developers and programmers to build a very delicate user interface, user experience and more quickly on the market for app users.

App Search has acquired expertise in this revolutionary technology launched by Google as a leading provider in India of Flutter app production. Our experts have worked a lot and use their years of experience to develop excellent mobile applications using Flutter across iOS and Android.

Flutter: Best for Cross-platform App Development

It is a cross-platform software development tool used to close the gap between quality and productivity.

As a product evangelist, you have an important role to play in selecting the best technology platform for mobile app growth. Flutter is a flexible framework with widgets and tools that make it possible to create and deploy cross-platform applications using a single codebase that works for both iOS and Android and compile natively. Flutter released its stable version, becoming one of the most common versions of the development community that grows quickly. With this, we may conclude that Flutter is one of the best choices for the cross-platform application used to create engaging UIs with fantastic animations.

Competitive Price

Cost-effective Solution

The development of the flutter app comes at a cost-effective level where a single code base is used to build iOS and Android devices. Eliminating the need for different iOS and Android developers.

Testing and Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

With Flutter, the implementation of new features and maintenance of mobile apps is now much simpler and more efficient, as a single code base is needed for applications to be deployed.


Advanced UI/UX

We build intuitive user interfaces with Flutter to give a great experience. The architecture constraints placed on the native UI framework are therefore not restricted by the developers.

Why does Flutter become famous with the production of cross-platform apps?

Flutter is not the same as other apps creating custom mobile applications as it doesn’t use WebView or OEM widgets which are compatible with Android or iOS devices. It uses its high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets, create beautiful graphics and impressive UIs. That’s not the end; here are some of the nice features that make Flutter the top option for cross-platform app development:

  • Flutter is highly optimized with a mobile-first 2D rendering engine, framework library, and design-specific widgets.
  • It’s based on Google’s own Dart programming language and has both the Material Design (Google) and the Cupertino (Apple) widget library.
  • Uses the Google Ski Graphics Library, which is used by Chrome to draw pixels on the Modern Reactive Framework panel.
  • Flutter has very high-level APIs for device testing and integration testing. Its interop and plugin APIs can be linked to the device and the 3rd party SDKs.
  • Flutter integrates easily with Java on Android and Swift & Objective-C on iOS so that our creativity and performance can be better integrated.
  • There are many command-line tools for creating, checking, and compiling your software. The hot reload feature speeds up the creation of the app.
  • It is a reactive system that helps to automatically represent all changes. It also has a headless test runner for running Windows, Linux, and Mac tests.

Benefits of flutter For Mobile App Development

Programming Languages

Single Codebase

Flutter eliminates the need for developers to write separate iOS and Android scripts. Using a single codebase to build iOS and Android devices. Flutter’s unified code base allows developers to write a unified code for both iOS and Android platforms.


Fast Development

Flutter’s hot reload allows you to explore, build user interfaces, add functionality, and remediate errors quickly and easily. Developers can change the code and check the result in real-time with the hot reload feature without starting the build process. Faster debugging is possible and the error fixing process is simplified.

Compatibility in Cross-Platform

Faster Testing

The developers have traditionally had to perform the testing process for the two platforms separately, but Flutter requires only one test for the two platforms so that experiments can be rendered quicker and more accurate.

Creation of Widgets

Creation of Widgets

Flutter enables developers to build new widgets in addition to enabling the customization of existing widgets. The rich SDK widget library simplifies the quick modification of a widget. With a flutter app, the app can be easily updated, as it has many built-in iOS and Android widgets.

Platform Integration

Customized Interface

Material design and Cupertino Widgets allow the development of responsive applications with an elegant and functional user interface.

Easy to Adopt

Easy to Adopt

The primary goal of Flutter architecture is to simplify the development process for developers. This is achieved by providing convergence with other programming languages.

At App Search, as a renowned Flutter App Development Company, we have a well-experienced flutter developer team with expertise in creating beautiful and functionally rich applications.

Why Choose us to Build Your Flutter App Business?

  • Dedicated and highly trained Flutter team of developers.
  • Experience in the creation of elegant and beautiful user interfaces for smartphone and web applications.
  • The versatile and rapid phase of growth.
  • Implement high-quality cross-platform applications in record time.
  • Using widgets that are expressive and functionally rich.

Our Flutter App Development Team uses an intuitive, versatile, and innovative platform to build next-generation iOS and Android applications with a single codebase in record time.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App Development

Get the best iOS and Android applications for various industries, as our hybrid app developers deliver quality application libraries and best-in-class practices.

High-level Features (Database, In-app Purchase, Location Services)

High-level Features (Database, In-app Purchase, Location Services)

Flutter comes with an In-App Purchasing API that has been used to accept fees, micro-transactions, and other subscriptions from both stores. Also, it can handle adding location-based services to your project.

Socket io and Web Socket Communication

Socket io and Web Socket Communication

Get applications like Chat, Real-Time Games, and more using a web socket and allow contact between devices.

Flutter for Web Development

Internationalization and theme-based application

Flutter provides a widget based on a Dart kit that simplifies the process. If you want to run your app in different languages used in different areas, go with it.

Plugin Development for Native Communication

Plugin Development for Native Communication

Create a wonderful route for your company by experimenting. Choose Android at the initial level and use the same code later to boost reach in the form of an iOS application.

Compatibility in Cross-Platform

Cross-Platform App Development for iOS and Android using Dart

With Flutter, you can explore a mixture of application code that meets needs and move the software from tech stacks to a well-known hybrid platform.

Flutter for Web Development

Flutter for Web Development

Flutter provides extra-ordinary web-based methods where the user can encounter many advantages with a sober and distinct UI. Apps can be run on macOS, Ios, Chrome OS, Linux, and the Internet.

Why You should choose us for Flutter App Development?

Using the Flutter platform, our organization has trained native app developers who can build next-generation iOS and Android apps in record time. Our cross-platform app developers are our most valuable asset. Mixing Flutter’s strengths with the delicate visual appeal of Material Design, we’re creating digital interactions for end-users to appreciate and return to every day.

What makes our flutter app developers different from others?

Flutter app development is now an excellent choice for rich and beautiful native applications. Our developers can create fantastic cross-platform applications for various vertical products such as health, m-commerce, news, travel, banking, etc.

We are one of the leading companies in the development of flutter technology. In view of the recent Flutter in contrast to other systems, we also managed to make ourselves one of the best Flutter application development companies, making us familiar with its styles and operating methods. With our diversified and technical development team, we will enable you to design the best and quickest solution for your cross-platform development projects.

Specialized-IoT Teams

Skilled Team

We only deploy a professional and committed team of experts to each project. This helps us to deliver only the best to our customers.


Long Experience

Here, you’ll have decades of business experience that makes us unbeatable in this IT business and empowers us to represent customers with consistency in a successful product.

Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Our team of seasoned developers is faced with an irresistible mix of innovation that allows us to create a special and extraordinary solution.


Support Team

Our support staff ensures that all your questions are answered on a priority basis.

Well-defined Process

Well-defined Process

We’ve got a well-defined process for any web and app development project.

Flutter App Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter is a portable UI toolkit of Google for crafting attractive, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase.

Developers use Flutter to develop beautiful native apps for different platforms like iOS and Android.

Flutter is optimized for 2D mobile applications that can be run on both Android and iOS. You can develop full-featured apps with Flutter that includes camera, geolocation, network, storage, 3rd-party SDKs, and many more.

Yes! Flutter ships with a modern framework and high-quality widget. Flutter’s framework is inspired by React and is designed to be layered and customizable. Developers can choose to use only parts of the framework, or a different framework depending upon their choice. Furthermore, Flutter can be used to create your own widgets, or customize the existing widgets.

Yes, Flutter do provides APIs that can be used to write unit and integration tests.

Flutter is built with C, C++, Dart, and Skia (a 2D rendering engine).

Hot reload works by implementing updated source code files into the running Dart virtual machine. This is not limited only to adding new classes, but also adding methods and fields to existing classes.

Our Flutter team watches the adoption and demand for new widgets in mobile from iOS and Android. Also, they work with the community to build support for newly introduced widgets. This work might result in lower-level framework features, newly composable widgets, or implementation of new widgets.

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