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Our User Experience Design team offers best in class user-centered designs

App Search offers complete range of user experience (UXdesign services delivered by well-experienced UX professionals.

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For many organizations, our company has developed powerful software, websites, and mobile applications. The most challenging transactional or interface management issues the market operations can encounter from a website or framework can be solved by our professional design team. Simply put, an efficient usability design enables users with clarity and elegance to interact with your application or website. We organize information and functions expertly in a way that users know about instantly. We make it easy to perform the most often important tasks in your application using your language and task steps.

Our Interactive Definition utilizes a roles-based design approach, which relies on customer needs and user analysis in the configuration, functionality, and navigation of an application. The results of this proprietary procedure include application models, wiring frames, and site maps, which include utility from the perspective of end-users.

complete range of user experience (UX) design services

The architectural design of information is at the heart of any user experience. It captures business values in its most basic form and establishes a strong connection with the needs of users. When properly implemented, flexible knowledge systems may respond to technical advances and include a reliable framework that communicates business goals and customer experience.

Our services

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Design

We design internationally accepted websites for an unequaled end-user experience.

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Responsive Web Design

The behavior of the customer depends on the receptive page, i.e. screen size, page interface, and orientation.

Custom Web App Development

Website Development

We are specialists in the production of output and work sites according to different industries

Flutter for Web Development

Web Design

Designs play a significant part in affecting website customers, and we have an experienced customer interface team.

Custom Android App Development

Dedicated Mobile App Developer

We have smartphone device developers who can reduce applications difficulty and increase the business

PHP/MySQL Development

PHP Development

We have a competent team to ensure the full emphasis is on your open-source platform.

Tools – Sketch, InVision, Zeplin

Tools – Sketch, InVision, Zeplin for ui design

Each of these tools has a unique purpose:

The sketch is only used to design, in particular for modeling the user experience and creating a simple user interface. Our UX and UI team of designers will start creating low-fidelity wireframes, transforming them into high-fidelity components that form the final version of your app, taking into account your feature list.

Invision’s fast prototyping enables visualization and testing of user flows. Our software development process has enormous value because we can navigate via a mobile application and perform user testing. Quick prototypes can be created quickly and easily edited. Prototypes are the best way in a short period to create, test, and validate ideas. Before it’s pushed for development, you can experience your mobile app.

UX can be transformed for your business into a competitive differentiator with us. Our experience in UX design is special and our team understands what is distinct from a perfect one. Our department would also partner with you to help you hit new heights of the user experience.

Zeplin is used to establish a quick transition from designers to developers. This tool ensures that every detail in the designs you have approved will be the same, from colors to buttons to pixels of forms. The tool automatically creates specifications for all design elements to facilitate the transition from design to design. Zeplin has an integration of Slack, so the entire team is notified when a design or resource is updated. You can track the progress made and let us know if your expectations are not met.

Our User Experience Design Process


In-depth UX Research

We try to better understand your company and see how the design should fit your organization by using different methods for creating experiences.

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Setting Clear Goals for UX Initiatives

As a UX agency, we are responsible for validating and measuring the performance of every UX initiative.

Industry-specific solutions

Collaborative Strategy & Design

We are working with your stakeholders and internal teams to agilely co-create new concepts and ideas.

Testing and Maintenance

High Fidelity Prototyping

By creating highly trustworthy prototypes, we can bring user interfaces to life and save costly time and unwanted iterations.

Testing and Maintenance

UI Design and Design System

We follow the methodology of atomic design, involving breaking up the layout into its components and creating a maintainable and consistent design system.

Testing and Maintenance

KPI Monitoring

Our program, before and after the project will measure performance and allow you to focus on the business, while our team improves your figures.

High Fidelity Prototyping

Our User Experience Design Process

  • Research: Our team examines data objectively and links the data to different behaviors of the users. Proper testing protocols must be used and testing should be ongoing to provide us with the latest and most relevant data.
  • Usability: The majority of our team are aware of the use of products, appliances, platforms, and systems. Wherever they click a button or swipe, accessibility in the production of digital assets is of the utmost significance, so consumers will consider it a joy to use if the product succeeds.
  • Information Architecture: UX aims to delineate data to make it easy to absorb and understand. Any customer who chooses or uses your software must be able to locate, interpret, and comprehend all details easily, even if they only skim the details instead of reading carefully.
  • Interaction Design: This describes design elements with which users can interact, like animations, clickable links and hover effects. These should be easy to use on the eyes and without overweight or heavy data. A design expert in interaction will understand how to create interaction-friendly designs.
  • Visual Design: The UX designers will use various shapes and colors to create a soothing atmosphere that enhances the enjoyment and conversion chances. Color combos and visual effects are utilized by practitioners in this area to attract customers and retain them as they press for the selling or conversion.
  • Content: Our design expert department understands how to inspire, educate, and entertain people. You can keep users arriving and lending long, which is always good for business, with the right information especially for your target audience formatted.

Why Choose Our UX Design Company

It can be an intimidating task to manage the user experience across several channels. Our UX design service aims specifically at making businesses that seek to take their digital maturity to the next level efficiency, consistency, and alignment.

App Search offers complete range of user experience (UX) design services

We provide you with all the skills, procedures, or resources to improve and facilitate the conversion of your customers.

  • The approach focused on conversion.
  • New channels quick delivery.
  • Open Language Architecture across all platforms.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Efficiency improvement.
  • Tested reliably and rigorously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you design and optimize a website designed for your audience, the importance of user experiences is truly achieved.If you are designing a website that is nasty, difficult to use, and does not help your visitors reach their goals, they will feel frustrated and will probably get angry. After all, you just lost their time by designing a terrible site.UX, on the other hand, is creating a digital interface that works just as your visitors expect. The interactions are an intuitive and user-friendly approach. You only touch, read, scroll, and interact until you reach the conversion. In short, this is UX web design.Your clients are the buyers when it comes to web design. So you need to ensure that all the elements on your site are displayed and that the level of interaction that keeps your visitors coming back always goes further.

    Here are other tips for building the website for the best experience for consumers.

Our UXD process includes understanding the business objectives, analysis of needs, and evaluation of users ‘ needs. The next step is the design of a good architecture for interaction design, information, and visual design. Then we begin to evolve. The finishing of the product is an iterative process in this stage. Finally, by random sampling, we test the usability of the product. We must check the product, repair glitches, solve challenges, and eventually launch the product given the shortcomings and suggestions.

Throughout the UXD process, we aim to ensure that navigation is simple and intuitive, to decrease user interaction or steps/clicks and to make us feel attractive, consistent, and platform-wide.

We have a dedicated and proven UX / UI team with a focus on both consumers and companies. Our team includes highly qualified and skilled designers, namely Product designers who work together to create a successful user experience. The entire team focuses on research and development, solution development, accelerators, and PoCs for time reduction.

The best trends in user experience are:

  • Interface Voice User.
  • Customized experience based on AI.
  • Design with a focus on content.
  • 3-dimensional interfaces.
  • Font element.
  • Gadget designs and wearables.

The decision is based purely on the project size and the availability of resources and competences. It’s better to do it in-house if the project is small. If more resources are earmarked for a big project, however, there are higher chances of success. Outsourcing works well if resources or skills are lacking. On the contrary, in the case of a tightly integrated interaction design, too many meetings between engineers, product managers, and designers could be difficult to coordinate.

The easiest approach to decide whether or not to outsource or execute the UI / UX concept internally is to consider the project scale, the expertise required and the teamwork efforts needed.

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