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Our Blockchain Development Services

App Search specializes in providing best-in-class Blockchain development services including smart contracts and Fintech solutions for different industry types

We are the leading blockchain technology organization with established blockchain vertical members. Our performance-based blockchain technology tools have taken the business all over the world to ground-breaking blockchain networks and applications in various industries. Our experienced team of blockchain engineers provides the latest technologies for blockchain to improve current or new start-ups and sectors in which blockchain apps are accessible.

Meet the most reliable Blockchain Technology Solutions Provider

We have trained blockchain experts to provide effective blockchain advisory services to meet customer expectations. Through the customization of different exact approaches for diversified industries, our service helps accelerate the development of the business. We are still working and focused on a democratic environment to achieve our output.

Our skillful team of Blockchain developers gives you state-of-the-art applications focused on your market needs. We are the leading technology business in the blockchain and use all resources to direct you.

Blockchain Development Tools and platforms Used By Our Developers

Our Blockchain app developers know the perfect blend of technology to speed up your business in a decentralized world. Our developers work with different sets of tools and platforms to make your Dapps solutions successful.

There are several Blockchain applications for various kinds of solutions. Each platform has its strength, so to select the best solutions depending on the needs, our team of Blockchain experts have experience. These are the major tools that we use to build the Blockchain solutions.

Some of the platforms used by our developers

  • Hyperledger is the best open-source framework for developing business quality blockchain software. Still in the development of the project, but very common with blockchain developers.
  • Ethereumis a shared distributed blockchain network that operates for dApps.
  • Stellar is an outstanding open-source software that will link people all over the world to create financial products.
  • Corda for businesses is one of the popular blockchain open-source projects.
  • Graphen is a C # development open-source blockchain platform capable of handling more than 3000 transactions a second.
  • Bitcoin is one of the world’s most common decentralized digital currencies with a large network.
  • Quorum also provides improved functionality and support as an open-source blockchain framework based on the Ethereum.
  • EOS is the only blockchain that most developers worldwide use to perform fast and unrestricted transactions.
  • Tron The universal platform that is widely popular among blockchain developers all over the world is Tron for the development of high-performance blockchain applications.
  • Hashgraph DLT Acrylic database Hashgraph is ideal for fast, stable, and smart blockchain.

Programming Languages

  • Java script
  • Node Js
  • Python
  • Solidity
  • Java
  • Web assembly

System Architecture

The UI to combine customer interactions with business logic

  • App Browser
  • Programming Language
  • Application Hosting
  • Decentralized Application

Optional Components

  • Oracles
  • Wallets
  • Smarts Contracts
  • Digital Assets
  • Digital IDs
  • Data Feeds
  • Off-chain Computing
  • Multi-Signature
  • Governance/ DAOS
  • State Channels

Network Layer

  • Block Delivery Networks
  • Trusted Execution Environment
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • RPLx
  • Roll Your Own

Reasons of Using Our Blockchain Solutions


The distributed registry provides for mutual storage with the participants of the corporate network. It removes the criteria for different leads.


Specific participants of blockchain networks have the right to evaluate data so they will exchange on a need to learn the context of market needs.


For all users of the blockchain network, it needs an agreement. Specific descriptions are reported in the trade transactions. But network administrators can not break the transfers. This is beneficial.

Cost Reduction

It allows the organization to make the most profit by leveraging blockchain technologies. The sum you predict will be cut by half and the operational costs will be safeguarded.

Create new ways to add our Apps to your company solutions

Our blockchain technology services companies deliver a wide range of decentralized technologies that improve network transparency, security, and scalability.

Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications

The Blockchain app offerings provide wallet solutions from Blockchain and computer, tablet, and browser software sharing channels. We software to exchange multiple Blockchain tokens, to produce the public and private key, allow on-line shopping, engage in ICOs, and look at the hypermedia and data history of every block. We also offer a wide variety of features. Many of our software development technologies from Blockchain include rigorous security protections and encryption, including multi-signature authentication.


We also provide a decentralized tokenization program through our Blockchain technology team. The tokens we generate that reflect asset values that are to be exchanged as cryptocurrency, and reward points rather than currency.

IEO & ICO Services

Our IEO & ICO services all around include the development of your investment concept, the development of cryptocurrency delivery, white paper production, and the promotion of your IEO & ICO.

Voting & Government

Our team of blockchain app makers develops DLT applications that offer advantages for government, including voting openness, crypto minting, currency tokenization, and real-time bid tracking.

Training & Learning

We provide educational institutions with the most trouble-free programs, from improving recordkeeping facilities to monitoring student identification, checking identity, and increasing the efficacy of current processes.

Blockchain Retail solution

We are one of the most popular technology companies in Blockchain that help retailers improve data collection, purchases, authentication of goods, and more.

Blockchain Banking Solutions

We include Blockchain industry-level applications for banks, such as payment integrations with cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain financial systems and intelligent contracts can be used for transfers on the collection, equity purchases, foreign exchange finance, and the conversion of union loans. The Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols are both parts of our program.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

For Blockchain, we are programming clever contracts to offer transparent e-commerce, banking, real estate, supply chain, and gaming solutions. We are code smart contracts on loan applications and intellectual property registry, confirmation of qualifications for insurance, creation of credit letters for overseas transactions, creation of DAO’s, and more. We are also creating intelligent contract auditing software to ensure data accuracy and efficiency.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

We build distributed ledger technology, including personalized tokens, individual nodes, hash algorithms, and public and private Blockchain architectures. Proof of research, stake, and design templates, removing replication mistakes and the need for existing third parties, provide our consensus protocol. We work to support open cloud infrastructure through Microsoft Azure, IBM, Amazon Web service (AWS), and Oracle platforms from Blockchain as a service ( BaaS).

Blockchain Mining Software

Our built-in Blockchain software design devices for blockchain mining to improve the general safety of the ledger. Through incorporating application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips into the hardware of mining, we speed transaction verifications and plan double-round hash verification functionality. We are also designing resource efficiency dashboards, creating open mining networks, and delivering compressive solutions for mining companies.

Travel & Tourism

Our Blockchain technology tools successfully decentralize travel & tourism companies right from identity verification to luggage monitoring, payouts, and the implementation of customer loyalty programs.

Have a Look at Our Development Process for Blockchain Solutions

  1. Ideation of Blockchain

First of all, our department will investigate the business of the company and figure out where the blockchain and blockchain technology will be applied and utilized.

  1. PoC Development

They build design proof (POC) to assess software technological feasibility and implementation in real-world implementations of the blockchain technology.

  1. Technical Design & Development

In addition to PoC services, our team will plan, build, and use the latest tools and technology to create rich blockchain applications.

  1. Testing & Deployment

Our research team will test blockchain’s efficiency to ensure that bug-free risks are available and introduce them to the main network of customers.

  1. Upgrades and Help

We offer technical support after launch and our team can do it quickly if any enhancements or improvements to the blockchain network are required.

Check out how our Blockchain development solutions let you produce incredible outcomes:

  • Get excellent decentralized apps according to the preferences.
  • Experience smart and scroll services, authentication, and tokenization systems.
  • We have unique concept modules that can be quickly tailored to the needs of consumers.
  • Get ready to represent you during projects with our Blockchain experts.
  • Fast Blockchain technical deployment to improve device flexibility and stability.

For Blockchain networks, protocols, and approved leader projects, like Corda, Ripple, Lisk (Bitcoin), Hyperledger, and Ethereum virtual machine, we supply personalized Blockchain technology and business-class deployment solutions.

Get your Our Passionate Blockchain Developers and Consultants

Our Blockchain developers have deep expertise of blockchain technologies across and through all fields. The new blockchain technology for your business needs is put into practice by our committed blockchain experts and engineers. Let our team of skilled Blockchain developers design and build a ground-breaking blockchain technology in a simple manner, which is innovative, secure, great, and productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide blockchain technology tools that produce results like Public blockchain development, Private blockchain development, Blockchain consulting, Consortium Blockchain development, Blockchain AI development, Hybrid Blockchain development, Blockchain PoC development, Blockchain IoT development, Cryptocurrency exchange development, Hyperledger development, Ethereum POC development, DApp development, Smart Contract Development, Decentralized application development, Cryptocurrency development, Cryptocurrency wallet development, P2P lending blockchain platform development and also provides solutions for different industries.

We excel in building public/private/consortium blockchain applications on various platforms includes Ethereum, TRON, Neo, EOS, Quorum, Waves, Solidity, Cosmos, Chainlink, List, Stratis, Stellar, OpenChain, Ripple, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Dragonchain, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Explorer, Hyperledger Indy, Hedera Hashgraph, etc.

We provide blockchain technologies for many vertical industrial applications to improve the robust and transparent aspect of blockchain in their business cycle. Industries include Logistics, Supply chain, FinTech, Digital assets (Cryptocurrency), Banking, FMCG, Insurance, E-commerce, Gaming, Real estate, Digital records, Healthcare, Identity management, Voting, Legal management, etc.

In simple terms, Blockchain is a time-stamped set of constant data files controlled by a variety of computer systems that are not private to any person. The level of openness is also symbolized.

Blockchain, a distributed booklet, literally equivalent to a booklet spread over any pair in the network and each co-worker grasps an entire booklet offering stability, scalability, and accountability.

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