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Get LinkedIn like application to Start Your Social Networking

We Build Award Winning LinkedIn like application developed for web and mobile devices that ensures 100% Client Satisfaction

LinkedIn like app developer

LinkedIn is one of the professional networking platforms with the most popularity. It allows millions of professional people to communicate and exchange views, information, opportunity, and ideas on a huge platform. It is used because people can stay connected to their world of work and build their own professional identity. LinkedIn has one of the most sustainable business models which allows users to allow free use of most of the facilities.

Turning your idea of a professional social network into practice will require domain insight, competence, comprehension, and commitment. For your professional networking requirement, we offer custom product engineering solutions. See how we can make your idea into reality by adding value to your business.

Professional Social Network – Product Engineering

LinkedIn like app development services


To validate your idea, we work on proof of the concept (POC), minimum viable product (MVP), and prototypes by measuring market size and sector and target audience.


Our Market Analyst team will operate on wireframes, SRS, SOW, diagrams, and others to evaluate and show your concept, whatever it is appropriate to show your Linkedin like application idea to execute it.


We restrict our user interface and the user experience necessary to reach the target market to the standard features expected. The Linkedin like application design could be identical or completely different and unique to one of your reference sites in the Professional Social Network.


The development would meet your customized requirements for the Linkedin like application. We have delegated the Centre of Excellence (CoE) to fulfill the demands and incorporate the answer by way of agile technology framework and DevOps.

Assurance of quality

We run unit checks, integration, and regression testing which are complementary to the assignment to ensure product performance. We also supply speed tests, safety assessments, load tests, stress tests, and server load balancing as required.


We are happy to help you with deployment support on your server. You can also host your application LinkedIn. The server can be close to where you are expecting the traffic or the target market.

Technology part

LinkedIn like application

The development of LinkedIn like application is not a complex process for App Search team with several moving components. The development of the new platform from scratch for professional networking is a not costly with us. Our clients benefit from our business knowledge and strong backend technologies. We recognize the room for the growth of the skilled social network.

Suitable for your business model

We know that idea of developing an application like LinkedIn is not enough to stir up on the market.

Scalable architecture

Scalable technology back-end for growing Professional Social Network demand – you will never have to redo it all over again!

Get ready for big data management

Deal for big data cost-effectively and promptly through our high-performance research.

Marketing fast

Scalable architecture and our accelerated creation methodology are planned to maintain a fast-moving ETA!

High expense

Strong technology backend with basic ready-made modules saves your time and therefore overall project costs.

Expertise in the field

Our unmatched technical networking industry experience lets you avoid errors that other start-ups might make.

Benefits of availing our LinkedIn like Application development service

LinkedIn like app development

Automated Tasks

Our LinkedIn like application  is not just perfect but it contains a complete solution to individualize your users’ professional information, post recruitment, send personal messages, list company products and services, and much more.


Our LinkedIn like application has the bug-free structural code and SQL injection proof so that instead of running your social networking professional portal, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Easily Customizable

Our application contains a simple coding structure so that, if you have sufficient technical knowledge, you can adapt it according to your needs.

Inbuilt SEO & Marketing

Incorporated SEO and Marketing modules are used in the LinkedIn like application Script coding system that saves money, cash, and energy invested with the SEO department.

Standalone Software

In the PHP 5 custom NCT system, LinkedIn like application Script is written. It’s an advanced progressive structure so no third part CMS like Magneto, Joomla and Word Press, etc. needs to be installed.

Scalable & User friendly

The LinkedIn like application is a highly scalable, robust, and freelance script that is user friendly so that you can manage it easily.


Our professionals can set up a user-friendly social networking portal free of charge, which saves you time and money.


We offer support for the success and smooth implementation of your professional social networking portal with LinkedIn like application Script. F or services you don’t have to wait for anymore. With the support team from us, you can easily solve your problems or issues.

Integration of social media

LinkedIn like application has a very popular integration with social media, so users can share their profiles easily on popular social media websites.

Admin features of our LinkedIn like application

Company Management

From here admin can manage all business details such as company management, industry, company size, company list reported, etc.

Skills management

Here admin can add, edit, or remove various competencies to make it easy for users to select the best competencies when setting up their profile.

Job Management

All job-related activities can be managed from here by the admin. Admin can manage employment, jobs, and job opportunities, and so on.

User Management

Admin should be able to control the number of people who are part of the social networking technical platform and track the actions of all members.

System for Content Management

A user-friendly content management system helps the administrator to easily and quickly manage all website features.

Management of Groups

Admin can manage groups, categories of groups, and reported lists of groups from here.

LinkedIn like application features for users

Post a Job

The user can post jobs in a different position so that other users can review and send inquiries to interested users.

User corporate page

Employer or user can create their corporate page and add useful information such as corporate name, website URL, corporate description, product and service listing, etc.

Jobs, businesses, groups or users search

From the advanced search feature, users can find jobs according to their interests, look for and follow businesses, find for and send applications to interested groups.

Companies with users

The user can check the list of companies that he/she follows. They can, therefore, see information about shared schedule details from different companies and easily notify unnecessary companies.

Groups with users

Users can check all group details associated with the user here so that they can plan to join new groups of interest.

User jobs Jobs

Users can also see the list of jobs they have applied and the number of jobs still pending.

Posting and user-saved jobs

From here, users can view a list of jobs posted by them and even save jobs in LinkedIn like application for future reference.

User connections

Users can check the list of users in their links from here.

User Profile

The user can add all the personal details and upload a summary from the personalized profile dashboard.

LinkedIn like application Unique Features

Suggested Jobs, companies, and Groups

Users are notified of proposed applicable jobs, of the different membership groups, and different companies.

Users visited recently

Users also receive newly visited users’ notification. The user may either contact him or her or send a call to attach connections.

People you may know the panel

LinkedIn like application immediately suggests inserting new ties by people who you may learn about the line. They have selected connections according to your login list.

Share feeds and message

Users can like feeds shared by their connections and share their comments.

Panel of feeds

Users can receive notifications of all shared data in the timeline or feeds panel through their connections.

Content or Unique Design

LinkedIn like application includes exclusive material and elegant architecture of a website, rendering the platform user-friendly.

Messages of System Warning

LinkedIn like application contains the default system alert feature so that notification is issued to confirm when users do any activity system.

A private system of messaging

The integrated private messaging program users can securely link and send private messages to each other.

Advanced search and filter options for users

The advanced search module allows users, other users, groups, companies, and much more to search for jobs.

Why US?

Result oriented

We thrive on an approach that focuses on results and has a market-oriented strategy.

Dedicated team

Our experienced team thrives on delivering fresh concepts and tailored approaches.

Sophisticated technical approaches

After we understand your requirements, we use the set of ingenious technologies to provide excellent solutions.

Industry expertise

We also delivered technology-driven approaches worldwide, focusing on various business concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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LinkedIn like application demand is on the rise. Many web development firms provide a ready-made LinkedIn Replica Script or social networking website script that can be quickly created by businessmen via their own qualified social networking platform and becomes a big part of the social media industry.

Our LinkedIn like application provides high-end functionality and custom effects so you can manage your worthy online company quickly. The easiest way to produce big sales in a short period is via the reliable, escapable, and user-friendly LinkedIn like application from us.

We sign NDA with our consumers for each project and with our employees. This ensures that your business is completely confidential.

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