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Get on-demand Uber-Like App Development Services

We have a team of qualified developers who have hands-on experience in developing Uber-like application in minimum cost.

uber like app development

We are a well-known app development company with several years of experience. Our devoted team of professionals will not hesitate to give our clients the highest quality services. The team is experienced and has vast expertise in producing hundreds of applications in recent years and understands how best to build a user-friendly app like Uber.

Our Uber like application is simple and convenient for other taxi companies close to Uber to use and using already. We also deliver a ready-made Uber-like app that can be used to launch your online business with taxi reservations. In specific, Uber-like taxi app developments, Uber for food distribution, pharmacy distribution, and Doctor on-demand washing and dry cleaning applications, and so on, our experience is shared with others in delivering on-demand Uber-like app services.

Our App promises a smooth user interface focused on intuitive, responsive panels. Our full package includes 4 applications: A Rider App, A Driver App, An Admin Panel (allowing administrators to track and control full drivers and rider activities), and the Taxi booking apps on the Customer front. Our Taxi application also provides advanced functionality such as fare control, position monitoring, various characteristics such as price, currency, type, language, and more.

Features of Our Uber like app

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Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Native iOS application

The iOS apps are developed using Xcode with the latest mother tongue technology.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Native android application

Android applications are developed with Android Studio (version 3.2) ideally in the Native Java language.

Platform Integration

Free server installation

We take responsibility for installing our app into your server once you have purchased our product. Our websites react to 100% of all tablets / mobile devices and are compliant.

API Development & Integration

Free bug support

We are working hard to release a bug-free product and in the service phase if you notice any problems we will address it free

Testing and Maintenance

Support for app rejections

We take special notice not to deny our applications on ethical grounds. If such a problem arises, we will help you and guide you through proper information

Testing and Maintenance

Source code

We can have a 100 percent open source code to configure according to your needs.

Testing and Maintenance

Global solution

Support of several languages and currencies means our software runs in many countries around the world.

Testing and Maintenance

End to end support

End-to-end assistance for smooth delivery and launch through our team of taxi app developers.

Testing and Maintenance

Dashboard management

Get a quick overview of your rides and application’s performance

Testing and Maintenance

Manage drivers and users

Admin can handle customer and driver details that is recorded in the framework quickly.

Testing and Maintenance

Vehicle control

Administrators can connect several cars and handle their data in a specific choice.

Testing and Maintenance

Dispatcher administration

For a dispatcher to delegate trip demands, a different platform would be reserved.

Testing and Maintenance

Analysis and reporting

Admin can track the ride details completely and can export information for future reference.

Testing and Maintenance

Panel dispatcher

Dispatchers can assign driver applications manually.

Testing and Maintenance

Configuration for town / country

Admin can easily set the choice for cities and countries and can also set the price rationale for them.

Testing and Maintenance

Rides and drivers Record

Admin can monitor and display the availability of the driver and the current position on a map in real-time.

Testing and Maintenance

Fleet management

The admin panel provides safe access and vehicles are easily tracked by admins. This panel allows fleet owners to manage their cars and drivers.

Testing and Maintenance

Details regarding the trip

Drivers can view their past and future trips in detail.

Testing and Maintenance

Management of profile

Users can use their OTP verification profile to edit information such as names, e-mails, and mobiles.

Testing and Maintenance

Verification of mobile numbers

When the OTP is submitted to your mobile phone, the authentication process is completed

Testing and Maintenance

Control of records

Drivers with the required documents should register on the application. Throughout the app, drivers can modify or upload documents.

Testing and Maintenance


The transaction completed with the admin is shown on the transaction page

Testing and Maintenance


The complete sum is submitted to the wallet of the owner. The deducted taxes and commissions are shown in the wallet as ‘negative value’

Testing and Maintenance

Time to wait

The user can inform the driver if the user prefers to stop/shop while riding. The driver may specify this as the waiting time and the final invoice will be charged.

Testing and Maintenance

Management of profile

Users can use their OTP verification profile to edit information such as names, e-mails, and mobiles.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Control of disputes

Users and drivers can raise disputes from their past trips to administrate where the administrator should deal with the dispute.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Management of lost items

Users can raise lost item queries to view and resolve the dispute properly by the admin.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Leasing of vehicles

The users can hire a ride every hour to measure the trip. If necessary, Admin may modify the details and configure them.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence


It encourages the consumer to take a long ride, going one direction or round. The kit and travel distance can be shown in the administrative panel

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Ride Status Alert and Application

Updates related to trips such as drive status and promo details are sent to both users and drivers via push notifications, messages, email, etc.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Different type of service

In the administrative panel, Admin can add several service types. In the final invoice, consumers may pick all of the service forms and rates are determined.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Accept payment anywhere

Consumers can incorporate a payment portal quickly and can transact securely and smoothly.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Charges for toll and parking

At the end of the ride, drivers can enter the toll or parking fees manually. The additional toll or parking fee is shown on the final invoice.

Tools and Technologies

uber like app development services

Technology stack

  • WEB: Mysql, Php
  • ANDROID: Android Studio, Java
  • iOS: Xcode, Swift


  • Automation test report(Selenium) and Testcases

Many of our customers use the technologies to create such real-time messaging applications.

Making transportation on demand a standard

We deliver a robust on-demand Uber-like application creation solution

Specialized-IoT Teams

Customizable & Clear Mark

Through your branding and integration, we guarantee you get the best functionality of the Uber app.


Pre-built Solution

Ready to use Uber application, which reduces application development time and cost significantly.

Specialized IoT

On-Premise Deployment

The Uber replica system is used to provide full data control to the private servers.

Specialized IoT

On-Domain Expertise

Our expertise with 20 + launch technologies and taxi applications worldwide renders us an outstanding collaborator for you.

Specialized IoT

Developed for all

Expand with multi-lingual, currency, and regional assistance to new markets with confidence.

Specialized IoT

Payment Gateway Choice

Use the payment gates of your choice in whatever currency you choose to receive payments.

Specialized IoT

Friendly user applications

Intuitive UI has been created for both passenger and driver applications by our talented design team.

Specialized IoT

Scalable and robust

Building on a robust stack of technology, your company can easily rely on your scaling.

Specialized IoT

Full Launch Support

Our team will take the extra miles to ensure you get your app’s maximum return.

What differentiates us from other providers of Uber-like app?

Security Systems

Total personalization

You will fully configure the app’s functionality and configuration as you want with our white-label approach.

app development cycle app search

Highly affordable

We deliver copies at a reasonable price to help you keep expenditures down while designing the applications from established templates.

Transportation & Logistics

Created using indigenous technology

Our professionals work with state-of-the-art technologies to make your application look attractive and at the same time help you maintain application performance at all levels.

Security Systems

Facilities of incorporation and deployment

With predefined templates, we are creating your app rapidly, namely in just 48 hours, to install and launch the app.

app development cycle app search

Solutions for personalized billing

You can decide which payment solution you want to use for the app based on the platforms and depending on its cost feasibility.

Transportation & Logistics

Maintenance and assistance

Our experts can handle all your technical problems at the requested time round the clock. Maintenance will be provided both before and after support.

Working of Uber-like App

  • The user enters the location for pick-up and drop-off.
  • The ride fare estimate is shown on the application.
  • Drivers in the area are given a letter.
  • The driver will receive the request and navigate it to the user.
  • The rate shall be calculated according to the journeyed distance.
  • The card, online, or cash payment of the driver.
  • The user and the driver can evaluate.

Why Us?

We are specialists in the creation of on-demand applications and we deliver the latest Uber-like application solutions. Through our excellent unique projects, we will help you meet thousands of clients.

We have received more than 10,000 + on-demand requests and have successfully delivered 100% of all our projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

A range of factors, including functionality, platform choice, integration, and more, determine the cost of developing an app like Uber. You can get a very competitive one-time quote, or use the subscription model and pay every month.

The schedule for making a product like Uber will depend on the approach to development adopted. We already have a pre-built Taxi application for startup companies on request, which removes the need to create an Uber-like device from scratch.

In a few weeks, we can customize the solution and successfully deploy it for you, depending on business requirements.

Absolutely. We can support your start-up or business through our Uber-like App Development Platform. If you decide to make the motorcycle Uber, the truck Uber, the limousine Uber, the water taxi Uber, the auto-rickshaws Uber, we will do it for you. We are here to operate.

We will supply a white label taxi app that supports your business in your local market with the branding, functions, and integration it needs.

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