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Now Get WhatsApp like Application development services

We can develop WhatsApp like application to help you establish extremely fast communication service that works flawlessly.

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We have a team of mobile app developers that has experience in the creation of WhatsApp like messaging applications. We are keen to supply our valued customers with quality results. Mobile messaging apps are trendy and used mostly as they contain features of social networking, allow a secure chat, and connect to the Internet, share pictures, videos, and more. Such chat applications are promoted by people to stay in contact with family and associates. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line are some of the best-rated message apps with specifications for themselves.

Want to control or build instant messaging apps like WhatsApp? Contact our team to provide a mobile messaging device that is efficient, user-friendly, and reliable. To deliver quality products, we work from initiation to deployment, focusing on the requirements of the customer. We are aware of the best message and talk apps that convert the interactions between your customers.

WhatsApp Like Chatting Applications’ Key Features

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Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Cloud services

The design of communications technologies integrates a cloud network that stores and restores digital data.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Web app synchronization

Messaging applications integrate with the web application that will help consumers connect on a wide computer.

Platform Integration


Users will personalize the text, background picture, etc. to attach a modification flavor.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

User status visibility

Users can know whether or not their list of contacts is available online.

API Development & Integration

Interactive emojis

The use of Emojis helps the user communicate their sensations. An image is clearer than words.

Testing and Maintenance


On several platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, the messenger app development is supported.

Tools/ Technologies

whats app like app development services

In addition, to achieve real-time connectivity, we utilize all the necessary technologies. Technology often used based on the chat app link. The messaging software, for example, is packed with the two major communication forms such as HTTP+Push Notifications and XMPP protocols.

File sharing applications such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. use HTTP + Push Notification to ensure that anytime you add a reply on your post or sends your note, a recipient gets a push notification. In sharing knowledge XMPP, on the other side, avoids numerous client-server. WeChat, Gtalk, WhatsApp, and others are some of the top applications based on connections.

Many of our customers use the technologies to create such real-time messaging applications.

Specialized-IoT Teams


You may build portable mobile apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and a variety of other apps use Erlang in real-time.



For high-performance web-servers, Yawa helps users to exchange big files like images, downloading of content, etc.

Specialized IoT

Mnesia DB

Mnesia DB technologies used to store data, photos, photographs, audios, and others in its contents. It may be used for strategic ends.

Your Business’ Calling, Chat App Right Now

The way industry moves have often shifted as technology advances. You must include the chat app in your business process. We build a portable and personalized chat app for your company if you recruit chat device developers from us. In the following term, it will help you.

Security Systems

Obtain 100% customization

Every company looks for a 100% customized app, which is necessary. With 100 percent customization, we give instant chat app growth. Based on the compatibility, you may change the app.

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Access Source Code

We understand and constantly change the need and demands of the business. And it can be huge support with full control and exposure through the chat device source code.

Transportation & Logistics

Host Data on Cloud Server?

To scale mobile messages app accessibility, we develop a message application that can be hosted on Cloud Server or the server at your location.

We are creating an instant messaging app that suits your needs.

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After engaging with various customers, we recognized their likes and dislikes, which helped us to have the right solutions. First, we accept your proposal, and then our specialist developers will explain to you exactly what your chat application needs.

Specialized-IoT Teams

Stay connected to your team

The Instant Messenger software offers a forum for the colleagues to exchange details with you in the day.


Track Previous Chat Record

We create an instant chat framework that allows the administration to monitor any information through the messaging app.

Specialized IoT

Keep Your Team Informed

Only one click and all the team leaders will get the post. You may even give your future customers an instant message.

Specialized IoT

Share File, Documents

Our Chat Program is rich in functionality and allows the team to seamlessly communicate for the consumer. It provides audio/video calls, records exchanging, and so on.

Specialized IoT

Send Videos, Audios

Going to your customers will cost you both time and money to explain, while the instant messaging application can help you achieve everything right in no time.

Enterprise Chat Solutions

If you remember an office boy, who used to take information files from this table and help the employee transmit messages to another team. The Chat application automatically does the same thing. You are sure to be replied. At the same time, all of the ongoing activities in the company that addresses many issues will inform you. We ensure the right solution for your business when recruiting our team. We remind our customers of their progress so that they know and notify them if any improvements during the production phase are required.

For the business, corporations, and private organization of all sizes, we develop a chat application. Including:

Security Systems

Legal & Advisory

To keep clients and team members connected, we develop central chat applications for law firms.

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Banking & Finance

Whether in-house or external chat, we provide your banking and finance company with a personalized chat program.

Transportation & Logistics

Hospitality & Travel

Chat apps enhance travel and hotel industry performance, whether it’s for wooing customers or improving productivity.

Transportation & Logistics

Retail and Supply Chain

We provide an innovative development chat application. Our expert development team offers a full range of solutions.

Features of Chat Application

The characteristics depend solely on the form of an app – The functionality is specific in industry and to use the chat function. You can have a personalized feature depending on your requirement if you are using it for business usage. At the same time, whether you use a chat app for different reasons, it can provide the features that an individual wants. We cannot explain all features at once but every chat application usually has some common features. They’re like this:


There is a user panel that contains all the necessary features that the administrator decides about.

  • Share of files
  • Location tracking
  • Good encryption.
  • Authorization
  • Import contacts
  • Messaging instantaneously


Admin will have full access to things and different features are available depending on your business requirements.

  • Backup management
  • Manage security and privacy guidelines
  • Dashboards statistics
  • Manage updates
  • Add/edit/ delete layouts
  • Manage users


These are features that make you and your users accomplish stuff quickly. The functions can be modified to your specifications.

  • Creating stickers
  • Scheduling of messages
  • Encrypted chats
  • Voice or audio recording
  • Money transfer
  • Video and voice contact in-app
  • Video group chat
  • Channels/groups
  • Self-delete messages
  • Syncing Cloud
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Chatbots

Benefits of Instant Messaging app

You get several advantages for your business when you develop an app. You will receive maximum benefits even if you have the individual app.

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Instead of making a long-distance request, text messenger saves you money. Your team member should connect through video messaging or video calls instead of face-to-face meetings. This saves lots of time and energy.


Improve the productivity of teams

In a few brief amounts of time, the staff is aware of all procedures and improvements and will link to a full number of clients. This means that your chat app will also train your team and improve their productivity.

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Keeps Things Organized

Want to ask how the business is doing? You can do this from anywhere with only one tap on your mobile device. It helps you organize things while letting employees know how productive they are.

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Relationships with Customers

One of the big factors why the consumers cannot fill the contact distance. You keep your customers connected and improve your relationships through instant chat applications.

Why choose our instant messaging app solution?

Our job is to provide service to customers. The rewards that make your time and resources valuable are focused on our instant messaging app creation solution.

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Messages secured

Your chats just for your eyes and the eyes of your recipient and no one else. We secure the instant messaging applications that we create with high-end encryption to eliminate any potential risks to the safety of your chat and media.


Syncing via Cloud

Chats are meant to go everywhere. You should not be siloed to disperse and make information less accessible. Anywhere with cloud synchronization, we will help you access your chat.

Specialized IoT

100% Customizable

Your organization’s chat app? Your online store social media app? One-to-one online talk device. Modify our solution to meet any specific messaging needs. Instant Messaging app.

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Source code full access

Your application, your rules. Your rules. Let it function for source code exposure anyway. We give you access to the source code to determine which functionality to add to your specifications and what to change.

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Lightweight Application

Don’t cough the store for just one app too much. Our app requires minimal systems that make your storage and RAM lighter. Without problems, you can work on any system.

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Let the app talk multi-lingual compatibility with your users’ language. You can set the language preference in the admin panel, or allow users to select their favorite language during application configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our instant messaging software provides quick marketing time as a white label solution. But we can talk about your needs to provide you with an exact schedule.

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We have many years of experience and is a leading mobile app development company. From the initial planning stage until completion of the app we work closely with customers. Our mobile apps have become stunning, user-friendly, and intuitive to satisfy the requirements and expense of the customers with the new technologies and to offer excellent apps.

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