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Get Facebook Like app Development Services

Looking for a social media application like Facebook to interact with your audience? If yes then get in touch with us today to get best-in-class application like Facebook.

Automate your business with your best Facebook like App

Social networking has been one of the most essential elements of our everyday lives. Facebook is widely used among all social media networks. It offers various features, such as chat, status updates, video chat, event and page creations, sharing photos and videos, and linking friends and family circles to find new people and friends. The demand for Facebook Like app is also high due to its popularity.

Facebook like Application is a social media script that creates a complex social networking site for clients. It generates revenues via user profile-based advertising. Various applications developed by third-party providers also contribute to revenue generation. The concept of posting and sharing on Facebook has given way to viral marketing.

Automate your business with your best Facebook like App

Facebook Like app is a lovely social networking script that lets you start with social media sites similar to other social websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Social Media sites are like social services that connect people and other people that study, work and know them, enabling them to make countless acceptance requests, friend requests, videos, links, blog posts, etc.

The Facebook Like app that we offer is integrated and powered by fantastic features to meet the booming demand for a social network site among businesses and start-ups.

One of the most successful websites for social networking is Facebook. It is a platform for people to connect with family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and interact with them. It is also the perfect platform for new guests.

Our Facebook Like app is used by millions of people and has now become a lasting part of everyday life. The social networking script is powerful and provides a dynamic and promising social networking platform, for example, Facebook. It generates income by targeted advertising based on user profiles. It also generates revenue from different third-party providers developed applications. You can help spread the purchase deals group into more users in less time through our app.

Build an enormous fan base with the best Facebook Like app and social media prosperous

get facebook like app development services

You can easily launch a Facebook-like website at comparatively low prices with our Facebook Like app. You can offer your customers numerous unique features. Our script is set, enabling you to operate a comprehensive networking company that is highly customizable. It comes with a rich and attentive user interface. Our Facebook Like app for your startup business is without a doubt a 360-degree solution!


Connect to friends

Connecting with your friends around the world is easier. Simply check and give them a message like Facebook. Connecting to people around the world and working with a click is easy.

Chat Systems, In-built

You can interact well and easily with all your connections with built-in chat systems in our Facebook Like app. The chat systems give users instant updates and aid them in a relaxed conversation.

Options for Advanced Search

Members can scan for and interact with new friends using the advanced search method. Use other functionality and features to create a strong and interactive network.

The Dashboard is user friendly

Control your social networking business completely. Make changes and introduce new elements to improve the overall experience and improve customer service every day.

Managed Blogs Administration

Let members publish on their Facebook Like app posts, including social networking account connections and fan page URLs on their websites and forums. All who visit your blog and forum will then click on the link and pursue it via the websites of the social network.

Feature-Rich Admin Panel

Offer many incredible features to users. Build an interactive and attractive experience. Create a successful, robust, and scalable company, such as Facebook.

Responsive Design

Offer the social networking platform or app a responsive interface, such that the customers can access the product conveniently on mobile devices too. Provide them with a wealth of apps experience on various platforms.

CSV and XLS Export

Share your photos and videos with the members. You can take photos and post them to your social network Page from your cell phones or other apps.

News Feeds

Keep important news and updates and share them. Help users keep up to date and feel linked. Provide them with a few clicks of vital communication.

Manage Profiles

Manage all the members’ profiles effectively. Keep your members completely safe and let them benefit from a safe and secure social networking platform.


To offer users a more personalized approach, notify them of future events, functions, or other vital profile details.


Let members select banners so that as soon as users click the publicity banners they can make a constant amount of regular revenue.

We are the best solution if you are looking to develop Facebook, a social media platform. We provide advanced technology and features that help to transform your dream ideas into a social network platform.

We design, build, and launch mobile applications with our team of seasoned developers, which meet the requirements of our customers in the necessary period.

Social Networking – Product Engineering

facebook app development features

Turning your idea of social networking into execution calls for understanding, skill, comprehension, and commitment. For the social network requirement, we offer customized product design solutions. See how we can make your idea a reality and add value to your business.


Our goal is to validate your idea by working on a concept (POC), minimum sustainable development (MVP), market size and segment prototypes, target markets, future growth, etc.


Our team of Market Analysts will operate on wireframes, SRS, SOW, graphs, etc. to evaluate and display the ideas which are needed to show and visualize the Facebook Like app concept to execute.


We limit our users ‘ experience and the user interface needed by their target community to the standard features available. The Facebook Like app could be the same as one of your social networking references


The development would conform to your specific requirements for the Facebook Like app. We have a Core of Excellence (CoE), built to meet the needs and to incorporate agile software methodologies and DevOps.

Quality assurance

We perform unit tests, integration tests, and regression tests to ensure product efficiency, which is complementary to the assignment. We also provide speed tests, safety tests, load tests, stress tests, and server load balancing as needed.


We help you with your server deployment help to help you live. You are also able to host your PHP social network application. The server should be positioned near to where you anticipate the traffic or the target audience.

Benefits of Facebook Like app


You intend to enter the market as quickly as possible if you are thinking of starting a new company. The production time is minimized by Website replica scripts. The benefits of quick time to market can easily be obtained.


The creation of a website would result in higher construction costs. Our App scripts not only build fast but are also cheaper for you. Resources and money can be easily saved.


There is a great deal of thinking and planning behind the development of a website. On the other hand, app scripts avoid all research, design, and other market research. And it facilitates and accelerates development.


Our team takes the time to learn about your company.  In and out. Find out more about your business model, target audience, and niche requirements, and develop a completely customized SEO approach.

Why Us?

Dedicated Workforce

We have an experienced team of developers who are working to give you fresh concepts that can be tailored to suit your market demands and consumer desires.

Tech Savvy Solutions

We use the best and most advanced ingenious technologies to provide you with outstanding and time-saving solutions.

Revenue Model

Our Facebook Like app is integrated into member plans, banner ads, or commission-based revenue models aside from the default revenue model to maximize profit. Our seamless model ensures that you can continue with total confidence in the sector.

Industry Expertise

We have extensive experience working on a range of ideas in the industry. We offer technological solutions that focus on results so that you can become a successful global social networking contractor.

Frequently Asked Questions

The social media application development process covers app design, prototyping, application development, Q & A testing, and deployment. They split the central component of the project according to the rate of execution across both of these activities.

It takes approximately 30 days to create on-demand applications with simple functions. This should take around 45-60 days if any other additional features are required.

The cost of developing mobile applications for social media is dependent on the overall functionality and technologies. The basic application needs three modules: global feed, chat, video, and audio.

The web app for Android and iOS technology to be built and the runtime for the application with PHP. The implementation expenses may require the incorporation of websites, domains, and other third parties. To know about the cost of developing Facebook type apps on demand, please contact us.

Each company has its particular demands and would serve niche industries without any doubt. That said, we provide personalized tailor-made app development service for every type of organization. For all Facebook like application, we also offer customer support which helps start-ups to grow and manage the industry with special services.

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