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Minimum viable product development services

App Search provides MVC Software and Website design & development services. We have a team of dedicated and experienced MVC developers for all type of business.

As an MVP design firm, we help you choose the right development tools, choose the features to delight users, and create interaction models or monetization models that allow your company to open up a new income stream.

Mvp development services

What makes the development of our MVP application unique? With market analysis and consumer research, we will help you test your concept early, helping you to create the right product. With cross-platform experience in development and a business logic power, our MVP developers ensure the MVP is ready for testing within less than 2 weeks. In all these, your business can save a lot of resources otherwise needed for the development of full-scale products. As an MVP production company that focuses on consumers, we ensure that the products you build are designed for the right purpose, have the appropriate features, and can arrive on the market at the right time when they gain full traction.

Do not market your ‘best-conceived’ idea with the blind faith that it is going to succeed. Check the waters before plunging into the MVP. Let our MVP help you move in the right direction.

Our MVP Development Services

Our MVP development services are customized for everyone, from first-time entrepreneurs through to serial entrepreneurs.

Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Design of prototype

Give the prototype version of your concept form and shape. Our MVP developers create immersive prototypes that you can interact with to build your ideas on improving and creating your products.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Single Feature MVP

MVP is a product creation strategy. It eliminates confusion and focuses on the single most important element for the growth story of the product. We have to create a single MVP feature for you.

Platform Integration

Development of MVP pilot

Make your MVP a pilot product from one feature that can be useful, scalable, and feasible for the market. In less than three months, the combined product development experience of App Search will allow you to launch the pilot MVP.

MVP Development Variants That You Can Test Right Away

How to build a Minimum viable products

At App Search, we think that the technology and the market are progressing. Therefore, we proactively zero in MVPs and use cases that can be used by our customers.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

On-demand Food Delivery

Build the MVP for an app on-demand to connect consumers, restaurants, and suppliers. The MVP can be used to curate reward programs, location-based restaurants, etc.

API Development & Integration

Messaging instantly

Know how the MVP instant messaging program is used by the end-users. Build a simple framework outline with real-time chat features, voice calls, video calls, etc.

API Development & Integration

Car Wash on On-demand

An MVP showing users how to find their best car washes on demand in the vicinity. The app is also available for real-time browsing, online booking as well as digital wallet payment using map APIs.

API Development & Integration

Fitness and Wellness App

Since a smartphone app that allows people to browse gyms and personal trainers or talk with dietitians, becoming the UBER for the fitness industry. Also available are tips, training schedules, etc.

API Development & Integration

App for Social Media

There is still space in the world for another social network. All it takes is a new concept or idea. We will help you develop an MVP for an app that does more than link people.

API Development & Integration

Entertainment and Media app

The new thing is media sharing. The development of a media and entertainment app is an expensive process from scratch. You will discover which way you are heading in a well-crafted media and entertainment App MVP.

API Development & Integration

App of Finance

Can an application predict the movements of stocks? Or should the credit score be analyzed and informed? How about an app that chooses the right insurance? Do you have an idea to test? For your financial application, we can build an MVP.

API Development & Integration

Real Estate App

A portable device can locate homes, locate property tenants, and allow tenants to find allied services. By building its MVP, test waters with the idea of a real estate app.

Benefits of our MVP Development process

Benefits of app search mvp development

As the leading MVP developer, we will help you research the market and make a small budget for your assumptions. We help you to create the right product form, feature sets, and model to suit your concept from a prototype to a scalable product.

API Development & Integration

Validate business concept

Ask the right questions before you start designing a product. Do we have to create this product? How is it possible to develop? Who’s going to reap it? Know all of it to confirm the business idea.

API Development & Integration

Long term strategy plan

Know in advance the technological challenges to scale the product after the MVP point. Build a framework for long-term increases in productivity.

API Development & Integration

Win first-adopter confidence

Include the MVP to obtain trust, secure funding, or initiate a crowdsourcing campaign.

API Development & Integration

Quickly scale

It’s easier with the App Search from scratch to any capability you want. The same developer team from MVP will be there to help you until the end.

API Development & Integration

Save your time

Save time and money by beginning a sleek product model before filling the whole program, user interface, design, and user experience.

API Development & Integration

Test market feasibility

The creation of the MVP helps you to predict the market size, competition, USPs, and challenges before you dig deeper.

Technologies we Use

API Development & Integration


Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Justinmind, Sketch

API Development & Integration


Firebase, MySQL, MongoDB

API Development & Integration


Amazon Web Services, iCloud, Linode

API Development & Integration

Web Technologies

PHP, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Node.js, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, Angular, HTML5

API Development & Integration

Mobile Technologies

Swift, Objective-C, Java, Flutter, Augmented reality Android, Augmented reality Kit, Unity, Google virtual reality, Oculus VR, Mixed reality

API Development & Integration

Strategies & Communication

Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, Trello

Smart, Lean & Agile is our validated MVP development process that benefits businesses

Our MVP development process involves understanding the idea and the different activities needed to transform this idea into a marketable product.

API Development & Integration

Testing as per milestones

The MVP has been developed in steps. It has to be tested at every stage to detect bugs and incoherence to be removed. We use regression tests and pen tests to make sure the MVP is designed according to requirements.

API Development & Integration

(Beta Launch) MVP Release

The beta version must be available to the world to get feedback once the MVP is established. We help to launch the MVP in selected locations such as markets, user groups, start-up platforms, etc.

API Development & Integration


Validation of the company by customers, existing users, and investors are important. It’s not possible for an incorporeal definition. The cause can be supported by a prototype with a practical design, functionality, and clearly defined case use. You can create a prototype by using App Search to gain the attention of your stakeholder.

API Development & Integration

Tech Analysis

What platform for the construction of the product should be considered? What are the technological challenges and opportunities ahead of us? What can we use to speed up development? Is the definition of pilot proof available which can be improvised? Our technical review should provide answers to these questions.

API Development & Integration

Workshop with stakeholders

Innovation happens when thinkers and doers come together. Our first step in the creation of MVP is to follow the ideas and desires of ideators. To achieve consensus on the desired product, we carry out multiple brainstorming sessions, SWOT analyses, and competitive analysis.

API Development & Integration

Specification of function

A functional specification sheet is a document listing different prototype feedback, choice of technology, case use, and all things until prototyping is the same as a Bill of Materials listing all the materials required for manufacture. The plan must ensure MVP development takes place according to the timetable.

Why Us?

The development of MVP brings several advantages to the table that save you time and resources in the long term.

Test before launch

Know, by checking it before launch, if your product concept moves in the right direction.

Production server deployment

Imagine the real-life business scenario by installing the program on the production server.

Marketplaces launch

We help you initiate the MVP or pivotal project in markets and in product communities.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvements in features will make the first cuts in the MVP.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have very qualified Agile software developers with deep experience in all the world’s leading technologies.

Sure, the developers that you recruit from us work hard on your project only as your employees. You have complete access and control via your convenient communication platform.

Yes, tools like Trello, Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, etc., are used. Where you can track developers’ productivity and monitor their progress regularly. You can create the task, assign the work, and track the evolution.

We follow the methodology of Agile and Scrum. Once the team stands up every day, it takes 10-15 minutes to conduct “everyday scrum.” The meeting normally takes place in the morning. The developer has to ask what he/she did yesterday and he/she will focus on today. It lets the entire team appreciate the work that has been done up to now and how the milestone has been accomplished. This way, your project, and developers will be fully transparent and monitored.

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