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Minimum viable We design Digital products that generate value for users.

Our product development plan ensures that the product is launched in the least possible time. Come, let’s convert your dream into reality.

App Search’s advanced product development team will help you conceptualize your thought, plan and build the first form of your product, discover product-market fit, and build up a versatile web product.

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Our development group will take you through the full product development pattern, utilizing a lean startup approach. On account of the lean system, our teams can build up a product inside as meager as about a month so you can enter the market rapidly and begin testing with genuine clients.

More than a Product development company – Bringing the user needs in sync with business values 

We guarantee that you are not a piece of the 70% application failure outline that is the outcome of the absence of appropriate market testing.

After knowing what you wish to accomplish, who is the application audience, and the highlights that need to stick out, we make an MVP inside 60 days that is fit to be turned out in the market and introduced to the investors in the following fundraiser meeting.

We have a full-proof game-plan to accomplish the ultimate objective, yet our cycle’s genuine quintessence lies in never dismissing our customer’s unique requirements and their end clients.

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Take a glimpse at our Startup product development steps:

Revelation Workshops

Discovery Workshop is the most productive approach to deal with any task. It plays a vital role in the initial planning phase. We direct product disclosure workshops to characterize business objectives, the project’s motivation, organize center functionalities, know target audiences, figure client personas, and investigate their necessities. It smoothes out the whole development cycle and guarantees our customer’s final result lines up with their objectives.

Scoping Sessions

We articulate your product idea into a very much characterized Scope of Work and release your product quicker in the market, cost adequately.

After understanding your objectives and vision, we derive your offers, describe your product, and characterize the project’s extent. In our Scoping meetings, we talk about desires and efforts to upgrade our customer’s knowledge of the product and its functionalities.

Business Analysis

The business investigation is a synergistic and explanatory cycle where we find, inspire, and define business, client, and technical requirements. Our Business Analysts work intimately with the key stakeholders to transform their necessities into a good product.

Design Sprint

A Product Design Sprint is a 5 stage conceptualizing task spread across five days. Our ultimate objective is to change an idea into a practically planned model. Months of planning, Prototyping and testing are directed in a couple of days to approve presumptions with genuine clients and assess the gaps.

Minimum viable product

After continuous Prototyping, we kick-off building the Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is the direct adaptation of an advanced product. Flawless with the core functionalities, it is worked to accumulate significant feedback from its end clients. We always try to manufacture a brilliant, usable, significant, and attainable product from the very first moment.

A MVP encourages us in dynamic and sets the scopes for future changes. The idea of driving MVP is introduced on validated learning. Releasing and promoting on a more modest characterized market helps us in investigating and adopting testing.

Improving, Iterating, and Upgrading is a continuous cycle, and we offer start to finish answers for our customers. We give a long term help for the application and offer support whenever needed.

In the wake of changing your progressive idea into a reality, we also prepare a description for app store, and make your application accessible to a large number of end clients. Our pre-release testing and post-release support guarantee you perseveringly improve your product’s quality and retain your end clients. We believe in settling and scaling your product for long term success.

As a part of our start up software development sprint planning meetings, we ask questions, challenge your beliefs, and afterward drive prioritization based on client needs, business value, usage cost, and the limitations of assets and time.

Come, lets Intensify Your Startup

Regardless of the product that you have imagined is large or small, your objectives moderate or large, we got you covered.

Our client includes medical services, logistic, insurance plans, vendors and startups of several types. We have has broad experience in transforming your ideas to market-fit products. You can totally rely on our product development team for reliable, brilliant and affordable product.