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Get the most reliable Character development services

Now boost the traffic of your gaming app using our high-quality character design service available at competitive rates.

As a dedicated service provider for Character development, we have an enviable group of talented artists and scholars that work together to create characters for the projects of our customers. We create character-specific information, understand their role, script, and storyline. We begin to create a drawing of the potential model, and then design the model for dimensional accuracy, to make it more effective. During this process, image design, texturing, fitting, and animating is carried out in 3D.

We deliver services for consumers from every sector and from all over the world. We can create fully functional mascots, characters, models and other illustrations to help you present the best light possible on your product, service, or brand and make your connection to your audience better. We guarantee that your vision is accurately displayed, professionally drawn, and ready for the earliest application in your campaigns.

Character Creation Services We Offer

Most people come to us for services to create outsourced characters. We only charge for our services and save you the hassles of an employee and training exercise, which drains your resources in no time. Our tools for building character include-

Competitive Price

Creation of Video Game Characters

We can create high-quality In-Game characters to meet your exact requirements, regardless of game requirements. Our experts in the creation of video games will collaborate in developing the right graphics and audio designs. We turn the ideas into marketable solutions.

Testing and Maintenance

Creation of Toons

We transform your ideas into expressive mock drafts with stick figures initially. To create a cartoon character interacting with the viewer, we will add layers of details like your skin, structure, and other details.


Creation of Mascots

Do you need a face for your brand? No trouble with it. We are designing mascots that will become your brand identity. Design concept refreshments are used to revitalize mascots. We’ve got bandwidth to create multiple mascots in a short time.


2D Character Creation

If you need 2D characters for digital ads, we’ll make your 2D characters represent your brand concept and intent in general. Our projects will satisfy the specifications by 100 percent and we will always produce what we promise.


3D Character Creation

If you need characters that are engaging for use in video games and social advertising, our illustrators can take time to produce characters that are creatively appealing and articulate to convey the brand message.


Creation of Book Characters

We’re going to chat with you and consider the desire for characters in print media. We guarantee that your characters will look cool and expressive to the reader. We design characters for book covers, insides, and a plethora of other print media varieties.


Creation of Characters for Branding

We make the identity irresistible with good quality characters that can be used flexibly on web and print platforms. We offer characters distinctive colors that attract more eyeballs and make them relate to your brand or promotional material.

Software/Tools to create memorable 3D characters

  1. Adobe Fuse CC
    • Making and customizing human 3D characters is simple and fast through a 3D software library.
    • It is aimed at photographers, designers, and digital artists.
    • Strong integration with Photoshop and Creative Cloud means that you can use the tools you use to make the project faster.
    • At present, free throughout the beta era.
  1. Daz3D

Daz3D is one of the popular tools for building characters for games and clips. It assists in the free creation of realistic characters.

  1. Autodesk Maya

Maya Autodesk has rightly earned its position as the best 3D modeling software in the category. In addition to 3D animation, 3D design, simulation, and visualization facilities are now supported with a comprehensive and powerful tool kit.

  1. Poser

Poser is the leading 3D modeling and rendering program. It offers a complete solution for creating art and animation using 3D characters.

From human to animal or 3D elements, the software transforms images into photo-realistic visuals and videos, ready for use in films, webs, and prints. It provides the best way to have pre-rigged, completely textured, and packed interactive 3D characters in the production process.

  1. Blender

Free and open-source tools to build 3D characters, Blender is one of the strongest 3D modeling apps in the world. Supports full 3D platforms such as modeling, rendering, animation, video editing, lighting, game development, and more.


ZBRUSH offers a friendly approach to designing 3D characters. It offers digital sculpting with customized brushes that help mold, build texture, and paint virtual clay.

Our Character Creation Process

We continue with the acquisition of character briefs from our clients. Preliminary concept sketches should be produced according to the desires of the company. Our open approach provides the greatest transparency about how we build characters that help the viewers react to the media. The method of building our character is as follows-


We would provide a briefing on the project from the client to understand the criteria and the nature of the job would be developed.


Character samples and scripts in JPEG, PDF, or TIFF formats are submitted through a protected FTP, Dropbox, or e-mail address.

Design Allocation

Tasks are assigned to qualified illustrators, photographers, animators, or graphic designers and job permission is issued.

Character Creation

They use proprietary tools, such as 3DS Max, Adobe Aftereffects, Maya, Adobe Illustrator, to make 3D character models.

Quality Check

A dedicated team of QC specialists must review each character to ensure that it follows the criteria.


We must build initial drafts that will be submitted to the company for approval.


When the company wants to make improvements to the products, the adjustments should be implemented at this point to render them consistent with their requirements.

Final Upload

The final character template will be translated to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, and EPS formats and submitted through a safe FTP mode.

Why choose us for Character Creation?

We have extensive expertise in offering high-quality character development services to a wide variety of customers. Other opportunities are collaborating for us, like-


Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer our character-creating solutions at incredibly competitive rates and guarantee true value for money.


Accurate and Compliant Illustrations

We also provide character drawings that are authentic and completely conform to the project description and other requirements.


Expert Story Telling

Through our character development services, you can provide characters that can share powerful tales and build an emotional bond with your customers.


Data Security

As a leading supplier of character development software, we take the confidentiality of your data very seriously and are hence also ISO certified.


Tools and Technologies

All our character-creating specialists use new illustrative methods and technology to deliver high-quality services.


High-quality Services

Our standard is second to none, and we still go the extra mile to make sure you are completely pleased with our services.


Expert Team

Our character design department comprises of extremely skilled and professional illustrators offering high-quality services at reasonable rates.


Quick Turnaround Time

You will also obtain the character-creation services in anticipation of the timetable and under the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly believe in providing quality services, so we only hire the best people. All of our employees hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees from renowned institutions, in fine arts, engineering, computer science, designing or the animation, and have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience. Of programs that need unique technical capabilities or experience, we ensure that we recruit qualified applicants who have undergone extensive and appropriate training. Our employees constantly improve their skills and knowledge through seminars and meetings.

Sure, indeed. We do not compromise on the software, technology, and infrastructure that we use. We’re using the best in internet connectivity. Our network technologies include 3D software, automated VPN, animation software, robust hardware, and character creation tools. We do have a 100% contingency program and a foolproof corporate continuity strategy. Read all about the best-of-breed network.

All of the above 3D character development services can be purchased individually or as a complete character development kit.

We are exceptionally skilled in making highly practical, organic, and authentic digital duplicates. If the story is created completely from scratch (in the case of a dead celebrity or a fictitious story) or you want to create an authentic 3D image of life, breathing human, we’re here for you!

3D software is a key tool in designing characters. Through such efficient programs, the possibilities for concept artists or designers, responsible for creating 3D characters for different projects, become endless. One must choose the right software for an optimized result to create the perfect figure.

3D modeling software enables the work of sculpture, painting, or texture to a variety of aspects. Some of them are easier to run, whereas some are mostly suitable for movies. Software is also specially designed to create 3D characters that are more efficient to work on morphology or expressions to create a single character.

Of course, that depends on the type of requirement; characterization is not so important if the real-time strategy requirement, for instance, is relatively remote and has large quantities of interchangeable elements. So let’s stick to games today that are important to the character, including adventures, role-playing games, action adventures, and platform requirements.

The element that will probably leave a positive impact on individuals is the main character or character in all its aspects — music, the interface, inanimate objects, action sequences, geography, etc. Humans are hard-wired to respond to other people (or things like humans).

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