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IoT (Internet of Things) is a phenomenon where different devices are linked through the Internet. There are a wide variety of artifacts or computers connecting to the Internet every day, and they are increasing exponentially. Here, connected devices can be things like computers, microwaves, vehicles, speakers, lights, smart appliances, kitchen appliances (Home Control Devices), and everything else you might think of (even a human being!). IoT app production enables the formation of a relationship or contact between people people, people-things (objects), and things (objects)-things (objects).

Computers link to the Internet through multiple methods of connectivity such as WiFi, Ethernet, iBeacon, Zigbee Wireless, NFC. Mobile phones are typically used as a means by which devices communicate to the Internet. The data obtained by these tools can also be viewed from anywhere and can be managed from anywhere using a web browser and/or a cell phone. Thanks to the strong hardware and software systems that are available on cell phones.

As a leading IoT application development firm, Cumulations provides reliable and comprehensive technology backed IoT software development services.

Need of IoT application development

AI and IoT are rising exponentially and have had an impact on all markets, no matter what they do. Everyone is taking advantage of new technological developments and enhancing their product quality. IoT powered apps can have improved user interface and customer service. This leads to a rise in the number of transactions.

Here are some of the main benefits you can get through the creation of IoT app

  1. Fresh prospects for companies.
  2. Enjoy your customers.
  3. Enhance the value of the company.
  4. Let your apps speak to you.
  5. Use technology to reach more target users.
  6. Using the ability of technology to solve a complicated problem and give an easy solution.
  7. You remain ahead of the race.

Our IoT Service Suite

Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

We specialize in the development of various IoT Device forms, including Android, iOS, and Hybrid apps. Apps are developed in a high-speed environment using the implementation of best practices such as agile and scrum.

Our developers are full-stack operations that give you added value at any point in product development.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

The architectures are designed in such a way that you can quickly expand and add more users without compromising the performance of the program.

We’re researching the audience and having features in mind while designing the apps user interface.

Platform Integration

Platform Integration

We facilitate the IoT systems by enabling them to converge across multiple networks and connected devices.

We help you redefine your product range and consumer experience through smart technologies such as point-of-sale technologies, sensor gateways, other mobile devices, and even social media.

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

With consumer engagement taking center stage today, it is important to build a data strategy to ensure that you continuously understand your consumers better, track your products effectively, and thereby improve your brand value.

We only do this through dedicated data processing and business intelligence services.

API Development & Integration

API Development & Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) is an integral aspect of every online company today because it offers the opportunity to produce new sales through external sources. They serve as a software-to-software interface that allows applications to communicate without any user interaction.

We optimize and create APIs for your application so that they can be combined seamlessly with complementary smart apps.

Testing and Maintenance

Testing and Maintenance

Application downtime in today’s highly competitive IT world will prove to be a significant violation of the customer’s confidence. It is also worthwhile to have a code review and maintenance associate.

We work closely with you to identify the needs and desires of your customers and to create a personalized product management program to increase the quality, responsiveness, and reliability of your applications.



Having the app safe is as critical as first creating it. We let you find essential vulnerabilities in your software and incorporates a continuous unified device protection mechanism into your day-to-day governance. The consequence, huh? Safeguarding information security threats that can cripple the network.

Why Choose Us for Your IoT Needs?

Specialized-IoT Teams

Specialized-IoT Teams

Years of business experience and initiatives in various verticals have opened our IoT team to a variety of market and client needs. As a result, you will receive a highly trained and knowledgeable team that you can rely on to fulfill all your needs.



Our portfolio includes IoT for industrial and consumer development. We also partnered with innovative IoT startups and businesses in vertical engineering, mobile electronics, logistics, smart houses, consumer durables, wearables & retail sectors.

Specialized IoT

Specialized IoT

DevOps in IoT smartly combine device creation and operation by using the data obtained via the different sensors. Our IoT DevOps capability has been developed through a broad understanding of all the intricacies of bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.



Our hands-on experience with advanced and innovative technology stacks makes the production of new goods and services simpler, quicker, and more economical. We have ended our expertise in deploying Edge to your IoT cloud services.

Secured Practices

Secured Practices

IoT is a network of several items, continuously communicating with each other, and generating a vast volume of data. You can only guess how a loss of data would look like. Thus, we have made all technology activities at our company highly safe and effective by maintaining the best governance of data and data protection policies and practices at every phase.

Leading IoT Solutions for Major Industries

Build Seamless Integration with our IoT Technologies and IoT Portal Creation Services across the expanded vertical industry.

Security Systems

Security Systems

Dive deeper into possible vulnerabilities and counter-measure approaches, investigate structured IP security devices built to defend against a range of threats, IoT platform helps you to create a stable IoT with endpoint protection.



Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled apps have made remote surveillance feasible in the healthcare industry, exposing the ability to keep patients secure and stable, and inspiring doctors to provide superlative treatment

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Energy & Utilities

Collect usage data seamlessly, on-site visits are only needed for maintenance and repair! Track the back-up Power plants, Maintain an optimal level of inventories, Electrical pole monitoring, Track water systems quickly and remotely.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

From customer health and fleet operations through manufacturing procedures and delivery times, the transport and logistics industry delivers technologies that transfer people and freight safely and efficiently.

IOT App Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

IoT app creation is the process of creating IoT applications or devices that integrate sensor data with machine learning technology and predictive analytics to create the smart and adaptive user experience.

The cost of designing IoT apps depends primarily on the sophistication of the device. That is calculated based on the number of enhancements applied to the IoT device solution. For a basic IoT app with restricted system communication choices and minimal functionality, the cost is about $30-40k.

A robust software, on the other hand, comes with sophisticated functions such as transfers, geolocation, system synchronization, data protection, and a host of other high-end applications. The cost of this software is about $50-80k.

During the design analysis process, we estimate the complexity and scalability needed by the project. Our IoT gateway technologies can be sized horizontally or vertically, depending on the requirements.

Horizontal scaling means connecting additional gateways to the current network. These gateways may be interconnected through a common contact bus without disrupting the current gateway network.

Vertical scaling means adding more services to the gateway, such as memory, system applications, Kernel, hardware, and API.

The method of creating IoT apps consists of four major phases:

  • Picking the equipment.
  • Choose consolidated data storage.
  • Developing data-handling algorithms on the server-side.
  • Build the front end.

Some of the most common IoT products used worldwide include Google Home, Amazon Dash Button, Amazon Alexa, August Smart Lock, August Doorbell Cam, Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch, Kuri Mobile Robot, and Philips Hue Bulbs & Lighting System.

Yes.  We’re creating applications for all Android-powered smartphones. Our apps feature a powerful UX / UI that runs smoothly across all platforms. If you want to create an app for mobile phones only or want to build an app that runs on all Android apps, we’re at your side.

A well-designed IoT solution can increase market profit margins. This can be accomplished by lowering operating costs, delivering excellent customer support, creating new revenue sources (by offering add-on services), and reducing system failures.

Organizations that have implemented the IoT architecture in the right context have shown increases in organizational performance and ROI.

Including IoT-enabled solar energy trackers, corporate battery management solutions using predictive monitoring, and IoT-enabled factory automation, IoT-enabled factory use cases are plentiful.

We anticipate all failure situations and offers adaptive failure solutions. For example, when the gateway connection is broken, the data may be stored temporarily in the memory of the computer or on the disk. All temporary data will be migrated to the cloud as soon as the system connection is restored.

We strongly respect our customer’s initiatives and make sure the whole network is stable. We use a trusted platform module (TPM) and a trustworthy execution environment (TEE) to ensure hardware security at the IoT gateway.

TPM is a data encryption chip that can be placed at the endpoint. The TEE provides an SDK, a kernel, and a trusted OS that performs security tests along with the regular OS.

The possibilities of linking a device/machine to an advanced IoT network are infinite.

The company can connect HVAC System, Energy Delivery Network (Smart Grids), Biometric System, Warning System, Fire Control, Alarms, Actuators, etc. to the system.

We do not store the data obtained from the IoT portal on its servers. We configure the servers for each of our clients and store the data obtained on the specified servers. The servers may be installed either on the client-side or the 3rd party cloud network selected by the company.

We may store the data either in the SQL database or in the NoSQL database based on the requirement.

We are not directly involved in the development of IoT gateways. We collaborate with regional and international market organizations as IoT hardware and device design partners. Our key focus is to help our customers develop personalized IoT (gateway) solutions that are consistent with their long-term market objectives.

We hold IoT architecture seminars with our IoT experts to help our customers evaluate their needs and prepare personalized and cost-effective architectural projects.

Yeah, we will code a universal remote app that can be used to monitor all electronic equipment, including your TV, refrigerator, microwave, AC, and other equipment. We ‘re an expert in building IoT enabled apps.

We are versatile in adopting the best strategy, based on project specifications and scope, and in most situations, we work on Agile and Waterfall Methodologies. Following the Agile process, we can easily meet your change requests at any point in production. In the Waterfall approach, everything is set from scratch and we are designing the product in a designed way.

We delegate our best project managers to non-technical customers to help them appreciate the whole production process at all stages;

  • Prerequisite for app development

The app concept is the most important thing you need to build a smartphone app.

  • Analyzing and strategizing

Such concepts are then evaluated in the context of company conditions, consumer demands, target markets, etc., to strategize the production process.

  • Designing

We bear in mind the above factors in deciding the functionality, UI, and UX architecture of mobile applications.

  • Development

After we have completed the architecture portion, we will continue to coding and build the final product following the software development strategy.

  • Client approval

When we have created the finished product, we will give it to the consumer for approval.

  • Testing

Upon approval, the finished product must be reviewed to correct any technical errors and ensure its proper working.

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