AppSearch Mobile offers enterprise mobile app creation capabilities with both internal employee applications and customer-facing software. We provide personalized services to companies based on unique demands, be they end-to-end app creation, team extensions, or project management. We specialize in both native and cross-platform development and partner with you to deliver a solution that better suits your objectives.

Our Approach to Enterprise App Development

End-To-End Service

We offer personalized, end-to-end enterprise software development services that cover the entire lifecycle of the project, from design to technological execution. We can help develop the whole mobile plan for organizations that are new to mobile.

Long-Term Partnerships

Most of our enterprise customers chose us as their long-term mobile app creation partner. Instead of a project-based approach, we are part of your team and provide your team with guidance, planning, app creation, and training.

Team Extensions

We offer team extensions to enterprises with a mature mobile approach that do not need complete production services. If you need unique technical skills or extra staff to meet your mobile targets, we can help fill the gaps.

Strategy & Consultation

Our enterprise application creation services provide mobile strategy and consulting to help the company create a mobile roadmap that includes short-, medium and long-term goals, how to execute those goals from a strategic viewpoint, and how to evaluate their performance.

All In-House Code

Many of our company software production services are completed inside the four walls of our office or on-site at your office, as we have done with customers including PayPal and Bell Canada. We’re not outsourcing all of our jobs. We do this to ensure both safety and high-quality performance.

Scalable Solutions

We create modular applications that can meet the big data needs of major organizations. We have a wealth of experience providing mission-critical software, including an app that manages more than a billion viewing minutes over 20 days and a payment network that handles millions of transactions.

We Have Many Years of Diversified Industry Experience

If you’re not deviating from your vertical developments, you’re losing important ways to distinguish your offering from your rivals. Much can be learned from other sectors to help build a strategic advantage in your own space. With a decade of experience working within diverse business verticals, we have developed a wide perspective that helps us appreciate a mixed spectrum of mobile-specific challenges. Drawing on our expertise and diversity in thinking, we have helped businesses create genuinely creative and competitive mobile solutions.

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