We’ve got you covered-from avoiding traditional traps and errors to ensuring that your innovations are built safely and responsibly, our app expertise covers the entire finance sector.

What kind of financial application is expected by your company?

With the massive influence of finance on many facets of life and industry, the variety of applications available is similarly enormous. Here are only a handful of the archetypes that we know of:

Mobile Banking Apps

If you’re using a wireless bank or a traditional bank, it’s still easy to have access to your accounts on the go. A robust collection of features, including money transfers and interest monitoring, would allow patrons to proactively get more out of their account(s) than ever before.

Personal Finance Tracking Apps

Helping people track their revenue, spending and investment is crucial to the digital monetary environment. Apps such as these help users spend their finances effectively, offering useful statistics to create a better path to finance.

Stock Trading Apps

When it comes to stocks, more evidence leads to more favorable choices. Data-driven decision-making is our asset, and it’s only intensified when it comes to financing. From voice scanning, geolocation, and tracking, traders automatically get what they need.

Cryptocurrency & wallets Apps

With our experience in NFC compatibility, personal information storage, and loyalty schemes, we are well placed to help you build your mWallet app. With a huge body of blockchain-based knowledge, we will incorporate just what you need, where you need it.

Education & Simulation Apps

Apps today encourage users to ‘learn’ their financial handling through such items as mock stocks and virtual data forecasts. Gaining expertise in finance used to entail investment, but no longer. It’s a lot easier to read, too, with open educational platforms.

Apps for mobile accounting

We will boost market transparency with technology from POS synchronization through to in-depth learning algorithms. Make time-consuming procedures quick, note main trends using data, and beyond-all your needs, in a single app.

Financial App’s Feature Set

Despite the vastness of the advancement of financial technology, such characteristics emerge again and again, no matter what the archetype may be. We will help you decide the requisite features of your MVP, along with a roadmap to continue developing it post-launch:

  • Balance of Account & Financial Records
  • Robust backend system to support the application
  • Encryption and Security Protocols
  • User Interface & Customer Design experience
  • Integration of wearable devices
  • Integrating payment & NFC
  • Verification of the facial & fingerprint
  • Family and Shared Accounts
  • Up-to-date information on exchange and currency

Crypto-currency wallet

Why develop a finance app with us?

  • Fast-track development; less time on the market
  • Security, safety, and encryption of data
  • Integrate existing back-end systems;
  • Support for post-development and consulting
  • Developing and incorporating APIs from third parties
  • Advanced reporting and analysis of data

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