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Consultants and Developers for Google Cloud

Mobile applications are one of the key pieces of the complex tapestry of technological threads that have dominated the world, our culture, and society. Mobile applications exist in this complex system in order to deliver meaningful features in real-time. These applications need a backend system in order to exist.

Every action that a mobile application makes, such as storing and retrieving data, happens on a machine that is remote – not on the mobile device itself. This is why the backend needs to be solid. If it isn’t, the mobile application will often fail, leading to user frustration and low retention rates.

There are two options here – building a backend for a mobile application from scratch, or using a backend service. For most applications on the market today, the latter is the much better option.

One of the most usable and well-built mobile app backends is the Google App Engine on Google Cloud. This backend framework will allow you to scale your app and bring it to market in record time.

You can get unthinkable results for your company by utilizing the full powers of Google Cloud – and we can get you there. We have the expertise and the experience in Google Cloud that we can leverage into taking your business to the next level.

The Google ProApp Engine

One of the coolest features of Google Cloud is Google App Engine. Google App Engine is the backend infrastructure that is used for mobile app development. It makes scaling and extending your mobile app easier than ever. It also features easy-to-use options for user management, security, load balancing, and performance monitoring. This saves time in app development – which brings your company one step closer to its goals.

We are end-to-end experts in Google Cloud computing and development. If you are looking for a high-performance mobile app, we can help you develop, maintain, scale, and grow it – all while being powered by Google Cloud. Here are a few of the different things we can do:

  • Mobile App Development – Powered By The Cloud
    • We can develop enterprise-grade mobile apps that are as stunning as they are functional, all while being powered by the easy-to-use Google Cloud App Engine backend framework.
  • Migrate Existing Apps To Google App Engine
    • If you already have a mobile app – never fear. We can migrate your existing mobile app to the Google Cloud App Engine framework.
  • Mobile App Performance Consultancy
    • If you already own a mobile app but are worried about its performance – we can help. We will utilize the power of Google Cloud to optimize the performance of your Mobile App.

What We Can Do For Your Mobile App

Other Mobile App Services We Offer

Google created the Google Cloud Platform in order to allow developers to develop mobile apps much more quickly than they have ever been able to in the past. These days, the platform has grown to include backends and platforms for all types of real-world applications. Nevertheless, the roots of Google Cloud are in smartphone app development. To this day, the platform truly excels when it comes to the development of mobile apps.

The Google Cloud Platform can be used to develop prototypes for startups or to develop fully-fledged solutions for large enterprise clients. The platform is truly versatile, and we know how to utilize it to give you the results that you need to see your company grow.

Here’s a look into our key focuses when developing your mobile app:


We make sure that security is our number one priority when we develop an app – no matter what size the project may be. Now more than ever, data security is of the utmost importance. We will make sure to use all of the tools at our disposal to make sure that the data of your company as well as your end-users remains secure.

Expertise in the field

Our unmatched technical networking industry experience lets you avoid errors that other start-ups might make.

DevOps Strategy Guidelines

We adhere to DevOps development strategy for every one of our mobile app development projects. This will not only ensure quality but will also accelerate the production timeline to make sure your app can get to-market faster than you thought was possible.


We ensure that we integrate different types of software into your mobile app when the project calls for it. We are the experts when it comes to ensuring that the different pieces of software used within your app communicates with one another to ensure a smooth app experience with fast load times. We are also experts in API integration – and can make custom solutions when integration gets at its stickiest.

Our Other s Google Cloud Service

We don’t just do mobile app development – we can provide a full-service solution for all of your Google Cloud needs. Here’s a look into all of the other work that we can do for you.

Google Cloud Compute Engine Consulting 

We are also a consultancy that can evaluate your cloud computing needs. Google offers a service called Google Compute Engine that is a high-performance virtual server machine infrastructure that is used to scale businesses and create consumer software solutions.

We use Google Compute Engine to create solutions that encompass your business’s unique needs. We make use of built-in features such as load balancing, security, and scaling. Here’s a little bit more information about what we offer:

Google Compute Engine Consultancy

We work with our partners to plan and execute their Google Compute Engine strategy. We ensure that they are set up for resource management as well as scalability.

Google Compute Engine Deployment

We assist our partners in setting up Virtual Machines by selecting the best Google Compute Engine resources for your needs.

Development of Complete Solutions

We create scalable and high-grade solutions for everyone from enterprise clients to startups. We use consumer-centric software solutions that are tailored to each individual project – all while being powered by Google Compute Engine.

Google Cloud Store Consulting

When you are developing any kind of mobile application – you have to have a strategy for managing all of that data. Google Cloud Store is the data storage solution that every software application needs to ensure that data is being organized and optimized for efficient returns and easy data-pulls to enhance the analytics that will power your company to grow to the next level.

We can help your business plan, deploy, and manage SQL databases into Google Cloud Store. We are specialists in handling big data and ensuring that your company has the setup for relational databases that it needs in order to succeed. We do this by:

Google Cloud Store Development

We develop the high-powered data storage solutions you need on the Google Cloud Store framework.

Google BigQuery Analytics Solutions

We will help you set up the frameworks in Google BigQuery for data automation and real-time analytics and business insights.

Google Cloud Dataflow Solutions

We help you utilize the full potential of your real-time data by harnessing the power of Google Cloud Dataflow

Google Cloud Networking

Our Google Cloud Networking solutions use the power of Google Cloud to allow multiple sources of data to talk to one another efficiently to ensure that complication applications don’t get stuck on a load screen during an end-user experience.

We will help you use Google Cloud Virtual Networking to connect all the different Google Cloud solutions to ensure that you have a well-oiled virtual cloud machine that gets the job done no matter how big the job is. We can handle it all, but here’s a little bit of what we can do:

Google Virtual Cloud Development

We can interconnect all of your different Google Cloud platforms into one cohesive solution.

Load Balancing

We work with you to make sure your mobile application is running optimally by leveraging the load balancing features that exist within the Google Cloud framework.

Google Cloud Scaling Consulting

We will not only help you plan but also implement your scaling strategy so that you can grow at a speed you never thought was possible.

Monitoring and Reporting Solutions – Made For Google Cloud

While the monitoring and reporting that exist within Google Cloud are the best in the industry – it can be difficult to connect the dots and turn that into real insights that help you grow your business and create new strategies.

This is where we come in, we can help you create automated and integrated reporting strategies so that you get the data points you need in a clear and meaningful way – empowering you to create strategies that will take your business to the next level. Here’s how we do it:

Stackdriver Monitoring

We help you monitor your app’s resource utilization performance

Reporting and Logging

We make sure that any unusual activities on your app are logged appropriately and reported to you so that you can get ahead of any potential issues as they arise. If that happens – we can help you there, too.

Alerts and Notifications

We can develop a custom alert and notification strategies and decision trees in order to make sure the right performance information is getting to the correct person within your organization.

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