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Microsoft Azure: The Effective Use of the Cloud Platform

Effective Use of the Cloud Platform

Today, cloud computing is major computing services with solutions cutting across every aspect of the Internet. The use of Microsoft Azure is now a popular option when compared to other traditional options, as it offers the following key benefits:

  • Better Reliability
  • Easy Access
  • Low Cost

Azure is a top-choice platform for clients who seek to host databases in the cloud. The public cloud allows users to select from various services to run existing applications or develop and scale new applications. This flexibility also extends to the choice of tools and technologies preferred alongside the services. Azure offers three significant forms of cloud computing:

  • Infrastructure as A Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as A Service (PaaS)
  • Software as A Service (SaaS)

App Search mission is to provide all clients and businesses with world-class Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Management plans. Our goal is to deliver customizable and flexible solutions, right from the start, through best-practices project execution plans and detailed assessments of the customer demands.

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The Microsoft Azure entails numerous sub-service offerings with extremely diverse use cases. A widespread use case of the Azure is the running of containers or virtual machines in the cloud. This use case computes resources that can run infrastructure components like Domain Name System (DNS) servers, Windows Server services, third-party applications, and third-party operating systems- like Linux. Others include:

  • The Azure platform offers the liberty to build, deploy, and manage applications on a vast global network using your favorite frameworks and tools.
  • Azure provides tools that support all industries and compatibility with open-source additions.
  • The Azure platform is regularly employed for backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Several organizations today engage the Azure storage solution towards solving long-term Data preservation requirements.

Available Services under Windows Azure

The Windows Azure is a resourceful platform with multiple products and services intended to meet diverse customer’s demands. Microsoft sorts Azure cloud services into 17 major categories, including:

·         AI + Machine Learning ·         Analytics.
·         Blockchain ·         Compute
·         Containers ·         Databases
·         Developer Tools ·         DevOps
·         Hybrid ·         Identity
·         Integration ·         Internet of Things (IoT)
·         Management and Governance ·         Migration
·         Mixed Reality ·         Mobile
·         Networking ·         Security
·         Storage ·         Web
·         Windows Virtual Desktop
Azure mobile apps - Node SDK

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: Get help with the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, and Machine Learning into a range of sub-services offered by your business.

Analytics: Seek more insights into your data and resources with distributed analytics (big data analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Real-time Analytics, Machine Learning) and storage (data lakes, data streams, data warehousing, IoT) solutions.

Blockchain: The Azure Blockchain Service permits clients and organizations to connect with a blockchain consortium or create one.

Web: Deploy mobile and web apps through highly optimized and supportive development tools that feature App Service, Azure Maps, Notification hub, cognitive search, API management, stack web apps, and more.

Storage: Explore scalable cloud storage solutions for structured and unstructured data with support for archival storage, backup, and big data projects. Clients can access Storage Accounts, azure data lake storage, managed disks, data box, HPC cache, and more.

Security: Gain access to excellent security tools like Azure Active Directory, information protection, key vault, etc., with the ability to identify, handle, and respond to cloud security threats as well as encryption keys management for sensitive resources.

Networking: Create and effectively manage a secure network and gateways for significant resources with tools like virtual networks, traffic managers, Azure ExpressRoute, traffic management, load balancing, DNS hosting, and more.

Mobile: Clients can build powerful cloud apps for web and mobile that also come with notification services and support for back-end tasks with tools like Azure Maps, Notification Hubs, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API management, and more.

Mixed Reality: Create exceptional mixed reality experiences, next-gen IoT solutions, AI sensors, and more with tools like Azure Digital Twins, Spatial Anchors, and more, designed to help developers.

Migration: Businesses can perform the actual migration of several resources from local data centers to the cloud with tools like Azure Site Recovery, Cost Management, Database Migration, Data Box, and more.

Media: Digital content delivery for your brand can be much better with tools like a content delivery network, media services, encoding, and content protection, helping you get better results.

Management and Governance: Businesses get services designed to help system administrators offer better compliance and a secure approach to handling resources. The cloud platform tools include Azure Backup, Advisor, Site Recovery, Service Health, Cloud Shell, and more.

Internet of Things (IoT): Capture, analyze, and monitor data obtained from IoT and other connected devices through the cloud.  App Search can help accelerate IoT solutions with tools like IoT Hub, solution accelerator, Time Series Insights, RTOS, Grid, Machine Learning, and more.

Integration: Link several applications and services within the cloud using integration solutions like Azure API for FHIR, Event Grid, API management, and more, to add consistency and scalability to business workflow.

Identity: Secure sensitive information, protect encryption keys, and other vital services with Identity solutions like Azure Active Directory, Information Protection, Active Directory B2C, and more.

Hybrid: With hybrid solutions, businesses can manage different environments using a secure approach. The importance of security follows with flexible and innovative tools like the Azure Stack, Arc, Sentinel, IoT Edge, ExpressRoute, and more.

DevOps: DevOps help facilitate software development using DevOps processes with features like DevOps tool integrations and Azure monitor. Collaboration and project tools include Azure DevOps, Pipelines, Test Plans, and more.

Developer Tools: Creates supports for several application programming languages, including JavaScript, Node.js, .NET, and Python. App developers can test applications, track possible issues, and share codes. Available support includes Azure DevOps, DevTest Labs, SDKs, and more.

Databases: Delivers Database as a Service (DBaaS) with offers for NoSQL, SQL, and other Databases like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Edge, hybrid database integration, and migration options.

Containers: Assist clients to arrange, create, manage, and register huge volumes of containers in the Azure cloud. It allows the usage of popular platforms like Docker and Kubernetes.

Compute: Permits the deployment and management of batch jobs, containers, and Virtual Machines (VMs), alongside the provisional support for remote application access. Computing resources can be configured with either public or private IP addresses.

Windows Virtual Desktop: The Windows Virtual Desktop delivers the best virtual desktop experience through Azure with excellent security and support solutions available to clients seeking secured Virtual experience.

Key Features of Windows Azure

Microsoft Azure is a top cloud platform for all customer types to access a variety of cloud services towards creating cloud-based resources, like databases, mobile applications, web applications, virtual machines (VM), and more. Windows Azure continuously seek development in critical areas concerning its services to clients and organizations. Some key features enjoyed by all clients include:

Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

Access Valuable Insights into Resources.

Critical data and resources can engage the excellent Hadoop service for valuable analytics. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution provides easy integration, directory, and management solutions.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Solution

With Microsoft Azure, clients and organizations can create highly accessible and scalable applications using services like the PaaS available on the platform. There are also automated deployments, elastic scale, analytics, and more.

Platform Integration

Scalable Virtual Machines on Windows Azure

The Windows Azure makes provision for launching Linux OS or Windows Server all within the cloud platform. These virtual machines come with helpful resources that aids you get the most.

Platform Integration

Multiple Language Options

Windows Azure permits different cloud solutions, including mobile and web application development, using different language support. There is no barrier to what you can achieve on the platform. You get help from languages like ASP, Node.js, PHP, Python, and more.

Platform Integration

Fast Website Launch

The Management Portal for Windows Azure permits clients to create excellent mobile and web applications all in a matter of minutes.

Platform Integration

Familiar Microsoft Tools

For everyday operations, most processes become easier and well-tuned on the Windows Azure platform as it integrates familiar Microsoft tools to help client usability. Some familiar tools you would find on the platform include Microsoft BI tools, PowerPivot, Power View, and more.

Platform Integration

Scaling on-demand Anywhere and Anytime.

The resources made available from clients and organizations are easily scalable on the Windows Azure platform. The scale on-demand feature offer tools to aid your business development and growth with crucial resources available when needed.

Why Consider App Search for Windows Azure Solutions?

App Search wants to be the Cloud Solution Development Team you endorse to friends. To both businesses and client-side customers, App Search is offering a dedicated team of developers focused on delivering flexible and premium cloud computing solutions that cover lightning-fast apps, application development, server management, virtual machines, and more. We believe in positive innovations and possibilities.

  • Build highly scalable cloud service applications and APIs.
  • Gain access to Certified Developers dedicated to matching every customer’s satisfaction.
  • Help build and host mobile and web sites in Azure’s Server Infrastructure.
  • We handle the implementing and management of Virtual Machines applications in Windows Azure.
  • We handle the migration from existing enterprise solutions to Microsoft Azure.

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