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Connect to your customers in a whole new way

Lightning is the next level of Salesforce. It is a framework for fast customization and an ecosystem of readymade apps and components. It is a collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform.

It is a modern version of the Salesforce classic which has an entirely different user interface of Salesforce which is tailored to work on desktop, tablet, mobile, even on watches.

Lightning is faster, powerful, intuitive and feature-rich. It is a component- based framework for app development which means accelerated development with minimal coding. The lightning is all about helping an organization entire team getting things done more efficiently.

Salesforce Lightning Features

Android, iOS, and Hybrid App Development

User Interface (UI)

  • With an advance highly flexible and robust UI, Salesforce lightning offers easy development of services between mobile devices.
  • Multiple tasks like – events, log calls, sending emails and tracking activities can be performed efficiently.

Building Scalable Architecture and Addictive UX

Dashboards and Reports

  • To present and share information efficiently Salesforce has redesigned reports and dashboard for lightning experience, more than three columns can be added to dashboards
  • Report quality can be enhanced without launching the report builder
  • Matrix reports are more easily viewed with the “Stacked Summaries” feature
  • Table components support two level of grouping.

Platform Integration

Lightning Views

  • Lightning experience has out-of-the-box view features like, printable view which can be used to print a record screen
  • List views can be created with filters for better data slicing
  • Pinned list view allows to set the default list view
  • Kanban view is a tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in- progress, and maximize efficiency
  • Lightning path guides sales reports through the steps of a process

Data Modelling and Business Intelligence

Lightning Einstein

  • An Artificial Intelligence tool enables businesses to become more predictive about future trends and customer buying patterns
  • Einstein actionable search bar provides personalized result for every

API Development & Integration

Lightning web component (LWC)

  • LWC is a custom Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) element built using HTML and modern JavaScript, it doesn’t have any abstraction layer because of which, it renders fast
  • It has built-in browser security features
  • It also supports two-way data binding with which we can coordinate how data moves between

API Development & Integration

Lightning App Builder

  • The lightning app builder is a point-and-click tool that makes it easy to create custom pages for the Salesforce mobile app and lightning experience, giving users what all they need in one place.
  • Lightning app builder allows users to control and customize lightning components in order to build business-specific apps.
  • Lightning app builder helps in creating custom home pages that consist of the features and components that are used by the clients
  • Lightning app builder enables users to put different screens together on the basis of the lightning components.

We can simply compile all these features into three main categories for Salesforce users: User-friendliness, Reusability and Platform compatibility.

With the modern UI, smart views, integrated dashboards, drag-and-drop capabilities, customizations, lightning components, and the power of AI organizations can experience rapid growth in their business along with the taste of latest technology.

Salesforce Lightning Solutions

Salesforce lightning tools and services are designed to turn a business into an enterprise. It provides a transparent platform to an organization that helps them function more efficiently than ever. Most of the organizations have now switched to the lightning for a better experience.

The transition to the lightning platform is smooth when you have the right expertise to help. Whether you are using lightning for a fresh Salesforce implementation or scaling up from classic, App Search is ready to unfold the most productive scenarios to make your Salesforce investment plan truly rewarding.

You can combine your idea with our expertise. Take a look at our extensive service offerings:

Salesforce Lightning Consulting: Our Salesforce lightning consultants with the cutting-edge functionalities of the Salesforce platform will help you design and plan your lightning strategy on how you can use lightning components and it’s UX to achieve your business goals and guide you in the right direction for the success.


  • Strategic decision
  • More Return on investment (ROI).
  • Simple execution of
    • Better decision
    • Focused

Salesforce Lightning Migration: Sooner or later, migration to lightning from classic is inevitable. Our team of Salesforce developers will enable a smooth transition to Salesforce Lightning without data loss and latency. We follow Assess, Implement, Discover, Operate, Check and Manage approach to provide a feature-rich and cost-effective migration to the new Lightning model.


  • Easier, faster and economical
  • Reduced disruption to the
  • Third party AppExchange
  • Custom functionality
  • Ease of future development and

Salesforce Lightning Setup and Configuration: App Search helps you define which business process to improve, by setting up the correct configuration of the Salesforce platform. We can manage the entire configuration process without affecting your routine business processes.



  • Configuration for entire Salesforce services including sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and community
  • Plethora of automation setup such as workflow, process builder, validation rules, profile, emails, and permission
  • More setups and configuration like java script buttons, lightning quick actions, lightning page layouts, visual force overrides, and custom button & links.

Salesforce Lightning Integration: With the help of Salesforce cloud APIs our developers are capable of integrating the Salesforce system with existing systems and third-party applications which leads to increased efficiency across all business processes – customer service, sales and marketing. Our approach and process vary based on individual client environments to deliver data, application or process integration.

Our Salesforce integration cover: AppExchange packages, social network and third-party services, payment processing services, custom web services and Business analytic tools for data analysis and advanced analytics.


  • Increases
  • Provides effortless access to
  • Improved analysis and
  • Enhanced information

Salesforce Lightning Component Development: Our team of lightning developers can design, develop and build apps and features that can be used from any device using the Salesforce lightning component. Using re- usable lightning component framework, Single Page Responsive Apps (SAPs) can be created, it is one of the unique features of Salesforce lightning services.


  • Compatible with all devices and
  • Fast
  • Event driven
  • Improved performance as code is recognized by native web
  • Easily compatible with Aura

Salesforce Lightning App Development: Is Salesforce app development is your next project? If yes, then our developers are ready to apply their app development expertise. We are capable of developing native mobile apps that are fully responsive to all devices

The Salesforce platform allows developers, admins, and business users to build lightning apps visually with drag and drop ease using lightning app builder. Using it, if you are building apps by yourself and if any issues are there, then also we are here to help.


  • Build perfect apps for desktop, tabs, mobiles, and wearable
  • Fast easy to use and modern user
  • You can put standard and custom
  • Faster app development.

All of these services are designed to ease the complexity of Salesforce implementation from basic design and routine maintenance to planning for and taking advantage of new releases.

You want to take advantage of the Salesforce lightning experience and want to evaluate whether your organization is ready? Salesforce Consultants from App Search can work with you to build a plan outlining the next steps you need to start using the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Lightning is a platform that provide tools to build next- generation UI and UX in Salesforce. Salesforce lightning helps organizations create a modern productivity-boosting user experience which is designed to help sales and service reps, close deals and support customers lightning fast.

The term ‘Lightning’ refers to real lightning (one that comes with storms) which indicates the power of this tool. Lightning experience is a more productive, modern way for everyone to work. It is used to create fast, beautiful and unique user experience.

The Lightning Framework is an environment that radically speeds up how you customize Salesforce and build new apps.

Salesforce Lightning Migration is shifting from Classic to Lightning environment.

No, it’s a component-based framework.

Salesforce Lightning Migration is shifting from Classic to Lightning environment.

Salesforce classic may never fully retire but it will also not receive any enhancement. Salesforce lightning is the only way forward of enhanced Salesforce’s features as Salesforce is only working on lightning enhancement.


Difference between Classic and Lightning are given below:


Salesforce Lightning Salesforce Classic
Modern Interface
Comprehensive Data
Integrated Email and Email Templates
Ability to find and merge


Activity Timeline
Workspace page layouts
Einstein Forecasting
Einstein Bot Builder
Granular forecasting functionality
Frequent Updates

No, users have the choice of migrating on to the new lightning experience as well as choose the users they wish to migrate to the new platform.

Yes, there is a community full of admins and developers. You can meet experts, ask questions, and get answers from an entire community of people ready to help. (

Yes, if you have experienced developer for in your organization. But if you are a business, then it’s better to hire experts for migration.

No, Salesforce Lightning doesn’t cost more than Salesforce Classic. The interfaces cost the same.

Long-time users of the Classic version will be able to switch to Lightning without paying for a new license. Meanwhile, new customers will be recommended the Lightning interface by default.

Yes, you can continue to use Salesforce Classic as long as you like.

Yes, you can use existing custom objects as well as new custom objects.

: Components are pre-built functions that can be dragged and dropped into your lightning environment. If you are unable to find a component that what you want, you can create your own.

The pages will continue to be supported in the current UI.

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